Abortion: Life And Death

'… Life and death I tell you, blessing and cursing. Therefore choose life, so live thou and thy seed … "(The Bible, the Book of Deuteronomy, chapter 30, verse 19) 'The life of man as a biological individual in terms of modern Biology (Embryology and Genetics) begins at the moment of connection nuclei of female and male germ cells and formation of a single nucleus containing a unique genetic code. New human body throughout fetal development can not be considered part of the mother's body. It can not be likened to a body organ or part of the parent body.

Therefore made at any stage of pregnancy abortion is the deliberate termination of human life as a biological individual 'Head of the Department of Embryology Faculty of Biology, Moscow State University. Lomonosov, Sc.D., Professor Golichenkov VA and professor of embryology, Dr. Biological Sciences Popov DV A child develops at any stage of pregnancy – is not part of the mother, and a separate identity, which has its own character, its own blood group and Rh factor and, finally, his own inimitable, immortal soul. Creator and the Creator breathed life into a fertilized egg already defines the purpose and plan for this little guy. 18 days after conception, were becoming the heart beats a child, and comes into effect it own circulatory system. At this period the mother can not guess what it is home to her baby. At 6 weeks the baby's brain begins to function, you can remove the encephalogram.

DeSheli Cosmetics

Many people think that they know practically everything about the wonderful country called Israel! Country of extraordinary discoveries and technological innovations, high-precision technology, respected and beloved, cosmetics. Israel ceases to surprise us, latest achievements in medicine, science and cosmetology! Surprising as that formed each time a dumb question, "as they in all their scientific discoveries and endeavors can save uniqueness close to the ideal? "is no exception, and the Israeli cosmetics DeSheli, which can be called without much exaggeration, a real miracle. Miraculously, combines the ease and clarity of texture effects, sensitivity aromas and visual delight lines. But how well do we know the manufacturers of the country from the Dead Sea? Practice shows that the knowledge of the majority, there are some gaps. In 2010, the Russian market came cosmetic company DeSheli, offering a unique cosmetics, created on the basis of scientific discoveries in the field of bio-resonance medicine. Each product DeSheli present the newest technology and the direction of modern cosmetology – "intelligent crystals." They provide an immediate visible effect, smooth wrinkles, tighten facial contours, providing a lifting effect, giving the skin a glow and healthy look.

Cultured crystals DeSheli provide maximum holding the active ingredients contained in the cream, while adjusting skin cells to the correct operating frequency. This achieves the effect of rejuvenation and regeneration skin! The principle of Dead Sea cosmetics – complete honesty, but a scientific approach and tested the effect of each of the active component used in cosmetics! All cosmetic lines companies are Desheli exclusive on the Russian market and therefore deserve the love of many consumers. Very high quality components, to obtain visible results after the first application and the cumulative effect of cosmetics – these are the components of the drugs DeSheli. Source: