Enthusiasm Instead

Seminar with Dr. med. Michael we all wish to goatee and FID published on 3rd April 2011 in Stuttgart the great feeling of being physically and mentally in top form. And we are prepared to do much: we pay attention to what we eat. We try to exercise us regularly. And yet, we are not really satisfied. No wonder, so we can not achieve this goal.

Because it is a medical fact: individual measures, they may be as beneficial and effective, have not the strength to sustainable change. For this reason developed Dr. med. “Michael Sanchez, the integrated program POWER YOUR LIFE!, which he in the seminar enthusiasm instead of Burnout: power your life!” is present. It combines all of the factors that are necessary for sustainable physical and mental peak: exercise, nutrition, and mental strength. Speaker: Dr.

med. Michael Dr. goatee goatee (born 1957) is one of the most famous health experts in Europe and is an internationally sought after speaker on the subject of Coping with stress management. After studying medicine in the United States and at various German universities, his training in the field took place after prolonged surgical Urology at Nuremberg Hospital. Dr. Sanchez specializes in acupuncture (in particular to the nicotine cessation), as well as preventive and orthomolecular medicine. Today, he leads Germany’s first practice for healthy. As a chief resident, he founded an Institute for preventive medicine and biological performance maximization. For a new method, it improves physical and mental performance of head workers as well as executives from Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. Dr. Sanchez is an orator of high persuasive power. He can look back on more than 1,000 lectures on congresses, conferences and symposiums. His seminars and lectures demonstrate practical, how the principles of preventive medicine and biological maximize of the physical and intellectual capacity is immediately implement and integrate into everyday life Let. The success of this method are reflected in the immensely increasing number of participants in its seminars, as well as in countless reports of the domestic and foreign press. About FID Verlag GmbH publishing house for health knowledge: the FID health publishing published health information services, as well as books, audio CDs, training programs and special reports relating to the topic of health, prevention, naturopathy, traditional medicine, healing with vital substances, wellness and fitness.

Exclusive Holiday Feeling

The “wellness living room” in the home garden there is nothing better than to enjoy the first warm rays of the Sun already in his own garden? This year, in the garden, furniture and sofas made of plastic fiber are very popular. Garden furniture, especially the colors of Brown, beige, caramel, and anthracite are very strongly represented. The shapes are round and playful and not as solid as in previous years. The trend is also towards the combination of textile fabrics, wicker and metal or wood. The trend is, simply, to provide not only a dining table and a few chairs in the garden but the garden furniture to create a proper lounge area to relax. It is used as a space to relax but also to chill out. Moreover, even the use of stylish sailing or large sun-umbrellas, finally bringing the beach feeling in the garden. Want to see the materials of the furniture are one very exclusive, because with this outdoor living room”.

Rattan garden furniture are a duration. This durable material is ideally suited for outdoor use and fits wonderfully into the nature looks particularly elegant. A wide selection of exclusive garden furniture offers also Otto Versand. In the online shop of the mail-order company you will find design & lounge furniture, exclusive garden beds, pavilions and umbrellas. Email: postal address: P.o. box 2000, OTTO, 8021 Graz