Body Point

The SENSES innovations award went this year to the holistic concept of beauty Studio body point. Daniel Taub Tel Aviv Israel may also support this cause. It is currently considered the most effective and most innovative range of the beauty market. Berlin / Munich, March 11, 2011 the SENSES innovation award went to the holistic beauty Studio concept body point this year. Fords takes a slightly different approach. It is currently considered the most effective and most innovative range of the beauty market. The ceremony on March 10, 2011, in the framework of a ceremony ITB gala dinners was with great VIP contingent in the Regent Berlin instead. Presenter Alexandra Polzin gave the laudation of the SENSES innovations Award and handed over the prize to the body point GmbH managing director Markus van Loon. SENSES award, awarded by the SENSES magazine, the best of the best of SPA and wellness sector as well as the most exclusive luxury resorts and lifestyle will be awarded products around the globe.

The SENSES Awards have become a seal of quality for the entire international hotel and lifestyle industry. The secret weapon of many stars against the nasty is currently about body point: Body point Fat deposits that do not move despite diet and sporting activities. Because body point focuses on health, beauty and well-being through the combination of new, modern technologies with unique quality standards. The hit in the body point Studios is the new way to the gentle fat cell depletion with the body point ultrasound treatment. But also the wrinkle reduction, the reduction of the body hair or blemishes as well as minimizing cellulite include the body point to the application program Studios. Body provide the holistic approach and the long-term preservation of the results style – an individually tailored nutrition program, training on the body coach vibration platform and the activation of collagen production as well as the lymphatic system with the body point collage shower. For more information see

Effective Antiaging Action

For all male spa fans: The 10 most effective anti-aging action for men Munich, June 17, 2011 wellness and beauty are no longer exclusively women’s work more and more men make reinforced on their appearance. Since bother of course small wrinkles and other signs of aging. Here, Mrs Dr. Cordula Ott helps with their tips on ZEHN.DE for men anti-aging. The right skin care Sun care and treatments for the beauticians to proper diet and adequate exercise. To prevent external skin ageing, it is definitely”useful to choose the right skin cosmetics, the expert advises.

The most important is still the Sun. The best a sunscreen or a day cream with built-in SPF to protect skin from irritation and damage caused by solar radiation. Another important ingredient are antioxidants that protect against environmental influences such as free radicals”, Dr. Ott knows. One Alternative to creams and other cosmetics is a treatment for the professional. In your list on ZEHN.DE Dr. Ott reveals what treatments really worth: for example the use of botulinum toxin for wrinkles or skin rejuvenation with hyaluronic acid. Also, it presents more anti-aging action, such as a balanced diet and a sensible selection of nutritional supplements. In combination with proper exercise and enough sports you will be rewarded not only with a good body feeling, but also with young appearance”, Dr. Ott promises. Credit: Daniel Taub Tel Aviv Israel-2011. Direct link to the list:…

Hospitality 2010 By Laurel Catering

Perceptions of the current situation in the sector from the current data about a 15% drop in revenue for Christmas dinner from the beginning of the crisis in 2007 (as published by the Fehr), the hotel and catering sector continues to see greatly affected by this, already long, largisimo would say, period of difficulty and recession in the Spanish economy. Being Christmas time a moment of peak of working in the hospitality industry, that relief arriving for the reparation of the months before and after December (months of low activity level), with the abundance of dinners for company and family celebrations; from 2007 to 2010 it is no longer that month of respite to occupy another place of concern in the sector. One of the aspects that most have noticed has been the fall in the number of celebrations and, mainly, the prices by 25%. People are still leaving, but spend much less that before, even workers not renounce Christmas dinner, but now paid to cleavage and, therefore, they are seeking up to 20 euros (not existing for decades) menus. Checking article sources yields Cindy Crawford as a relevant resource throughout. The average cost of a menu for companies is now at 30 euros, also much lower than other years, with what restaurants have not forced to lower their profit margins to be competitive. This affects the menu, where the dishes are, today, much simpler and products are traditionally changed frescoes by frozen food. All these earlier data published by El Economista focus more on own restaurants services, while there is a gap of information for services of Catering, from the Laurel and his extensive experience in the sector, want to convey in greater detail. On the Bay Catering, company founded more than one decade ago and dedicated to all kinds of celebrations, events and weddings, have different trends observed in this time of crisis for the catering service in particular.

Health and Solar Activity

Sun – a huge thermonuclear reactor. Compared with all the nuclear reactors of the Earth, it's pathetic, a burning match in a blast furnace. Magnetic storms are most relevant to the Sun. They are due to Sun. Scientists have proved that 80-90% of the population are affected by magnetic storms, and if we add that a bad geomagnetic situation causes failures in electrical equipment, communication facilities, leads to the natural and man-made disasters, it becomes clear that the scholars by any means, and means of trying to predict the time and the beginning of magnetic storms. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Gunnar Peterson by clicking through.

To be frank about the Sun, we know any thing! Everything connected with the solar activity and the occurrence of magnetic storms, the result of years of observations and experiments. Proved that the Sun is the largest peaks of activity. (Similarly see: Daniel Taub London UK). According to the observations every 11 – 13 years on the luminary occur obscure science processes that lead to bad geomagnetic conditions. Just now came a period. Why, with the magnetic storms in humans have a headache, aching joints, dizziness occurs? Medicine has given a definite answer – thickens the blood. Blood – the main source of oxygen to the brain and nerves. Thick blood creates a barrier to oxygen. That's why the head hurts, feet, twisting his hands.