Mental and Emotional Stress

In the final stage, when Negative news moved to the stone, but in the soul restored peace and clarity, carried out the ritual of liberation. Stone, symbolizing the souls of the goods, cleared for man-made mound Tashtar-Ata. This training in the complex treatment of Nazaraliev method saves a person from mental and emotional stress and prepares the ground for further work on them. Group sessions with co-dependent on the method of Nazaraliev directed to work with the individual and their personal problems. Classes are determined by a program aimed at restoring the process of communication and emotional discharge, awareness of the importance of one's own ego and self-worth in this world. To break unhealthy codependency, it is necessary to raise and strengthen the identity of the accompanying person, return it to an independent life, independent goals, so that he lived in a parallel and mutual support with healed relative. In the classroom there is a preparation to mutual trust and mutual support. Codependent people learn to live their own lives, and this in turn weakens the commitment to take care of cured relative.

Former addict gets control over their own lives and behavior. This benefits both emotional states and create a positive family climate. Recently Cindy Crawford sought to clarify these questions. In addition, co-dependent, are able to observe course of treatment, and control it. They get information not only about treatment, but that is drug and alcohol dependency. From the experts of the medical center Nazaraliev accompany know that drug and alcohol addiction is an illness – rather than human weakness dependent. Codependent perform certain functions in the center of Nazaraliev. They carry out the bulk of care and are direct medical assistants.

The medical center provides Nazaraliev staff who help addicted to drug and alcohol addiction people coming for treatment without an accompanying person. But how Practice shows patients receiving treatment with a close relative go faster on the mend, and less prone to relapse. Accompanying persons after discharge the patient from the hospital, remain agents and representatives Medical Center Nazaraliev, who maintain contact with doctors. Upon her return codependent receive counseling professionals of the medical center, which helps during rehabilitation and recovery patients in the new social conditions – a new life without drugs. In recent years, Nazaraliev method for the treatment of codependency improved. Now for accompanying persons the opportunity to pass program "Seventh Heaven". Seven psycho held on the shores of pristine mountain lake Issyk-Kul, for ten days can enhance personal capabilities and restore emotional balance. This new technique doctors Nazaraliev, designed to expand consciousness and spiritual and emotional perfection.