Muscle Exercises

Dr. Arnold Kegel (1894-1981) devoted much of his life to the study of sexuality and especially the PC muscle. Until then, it was thought that the only function of this muscle was urinating or give birth in the case of women. In addition to these duties, Dr. Kegel discovered that the PC muscle plays a crucial role in the sexuality of both men and women.

Having a developed PC muscle not only increases the sensation during orgasm, but also factor in the quality of erections and ejaculation control for men .. In his years of study, develop different types of exercises to strengthen the basis of which is to make muscle contractions PC controlled. He called these exercises "Kegel exercises" and each contraction is counted as "a kegel. Types of PC muscle exercises There are three types of PC muscle exercises: The exercises done to strengthen and increase muscle size and stamina PC. Those made during the sexual act to lower sexual arousal.

Those who are made to stop ejaculation during orgasm Inyaculacion commonly called. At brookfield brasil you will find additional information. We invite you to read this article about the inyaculacion or retrograde ejaculation. Strengthening exercises for the PC muscle When do PC muscle exercises is important to follow a gradual process of training for a period of time to obtain optimal results and not suffer any damage. Strengthening exercises are contractions of the PC muscle. It is advisable to follow a program created by a specialist very easy to play when you know what he does. We must be careful because like any other muscle, can tear or rupture with catastrophic results. It is very important to do good and exercises for premature ejaculation Once the muscle PCPara combat premature ejaculation, there are exercises that are performed during intercourse are contractions are controlled to lower the voltage level (without lowering the level of excitement) and reverse the symptoms of the ejaculatory process. They are very effective and easy to run once dominated. Written by: – website dedicated to.