Olympic Sport

Over the years spent in the fight, I was able to bring to this sport for many people. Even as a young athlete, I assumed that everything will be just that. And the young guys, including his brother Adam (the Olympic champion in Sydney. – Comm. ‘SE’), to train with me and talked about this a decade ago. Our challenge – as long as possible be in the sport, then we gather around the influential people who can do many useful things for our sport. As you can see, my words have come true.

Gathered around me a lot of people who live the struggle to live my achievements. And they all help me. I have long been no domestic problems. I was shielded from this. Moreover, I have time to participate in public life. In Krasnoyarsk is one of the world’s largest youth tournaments at my prizes.

And while I’m in St. Petersburg, all the organizational issues involved are my friends. They just enjoy what I do on the carpet. It is for them and with their help, I go to the mat and win. K Besides, I do not like to lose. And, as an athlete, I wanted to take revenge from the same Murtazaliyeva. It was a shame that someone turned out to be stronger than me.

Differential Transporter

Differential transporter consists of two combs – ODN; and installed before the needles, and the second for them. Adjust the cloth feed, you can configure the amplitude of movement combs so that the fabric will when sewing stretch, or vice versa. With the help of the differential carrier can be very easy to get interesting effects – and build the wave. Easy to use refill threads for a beginner, filling thread overlock occupation difficult. In order to overlock began to sew, it is important to fill the threads in the the correct sequence, hold them the right way and did not make a mess. Of course, in the instructions to overlock gives details on how to properly fill the thread, but every time consult with the instruction not convenient.

Almost all current models overlock filling process depicted in the schemes under the removable lid, and path strings are marked with colored markers. When filling overlock most inconvenient operation is fueling lower looper. Requires a fair amount of flexibility to the fingers is done in cheap models overlock. Models of middle and upper class are equipped with a special device facilitates filling of the lower looper. Availability device charging lower looper can save a lot of time and nerves. Such a device is sometimes found in inexpensive models.

For example, such a device is equipped with an inexpensive Brother 1034 D. Some models overlock equipped with a needle threader for filling yarns in the needle. This is a pretty useful device, without which, however, it is possible to do.