Martin Island Sports

The Island of Saint-Martin is an island in the Caribbean Sea, about 240 km east of the island of Puerto Rico. The island, 98 KM surface is divided into two: the southern part of the Netherlands Antilles (Sint Maarten called), while the north is the French overseas collectivity of Saint-Martin, formed in 2007 after secession of the overseas department of Guadeloupe. Collectively, the two territories are known as St. Martin / St. Maarten or St. Martins. The main towns are Marigot, the French side and Philipsburg on the Dutch side. The Island of Saint-Martin in recent years has experienced strong population growth due to tourism development mainly focused on the arrival from all over the world.

The leading immigration is of Haitian, French and Dominican. In 2002 it was estimated a population in Saint-Martin, 31. 397, while in Sint-Maarten was about 42. 000 in 2005. Although the most common languages are French and Dutch in its various forms, mixed with Caribbean dialects, is also present in Spanish, with an estimate of about 4. 500 Hispanic speakers in the whole island.

On the island there are two airports, the Princess Juliana International Airport in the Netherlands, and the Grand-Case on the French. The first of these airports is one of a kind, as the head of the runway next to the beach where many people can see large aircraft landing on their heads a few meters away. Saint-Martin invites you to discover and water sports. These include wind surfing, jet ski, jet ski, water skiing, parachute strapped to a boat and surf kit, if you’re a fan of strong emotions will fill your passions. In the northeast of the island are many who surf. St. Martin is a unique destination for the practice of sport fishing, two major tournaments are carried out on the island: the “Merlin Cup” and “Saint Martin Bill Fish Tournament.” The practice of this activity, also shows, a walk in the sea. Among a tradition and trend, the variety of styles is remarkable for such a small island. Hotels, restaurants, shops, houses, all have a variety of styles. All continents, all cultures come together here and provide uniqueness St. Martin original. The capital is St. Barthelemy St. Martin, to enjoy its traditional architecture and shopping in all its luxury boutiques. Admire the mega-yachts during the high season. The beaches are many and varied. The Bay of St Jean is a true paradise for lovers of smooth water, sun and calm.