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Falun Dafa, the practice of self-improvement, having regard to the techniques of qigong, has a significant effect in improving both physical health and mental state. Began to witness not only the personal experiences of one hundred million followers of this system, but various studies and diagnosis of Falun Gong practitioners around the world. We offer you one of them conducted by a psychologist-practitioner, a member of the Grodno Regional Public Association practical psychologists, Catherine Buchey, as well as a coach in archery Igor . Dear readers and colleagues, want to share my little experience on the unique system of self-Falun Dafa. Having exhausted all the usual methods of preparation, we decided as an experiment, under the supervision of a psychologist, a practice to try the system self-Falun Dafa. Since we ourselves have experienced beneficial effects of this practice, in autumn 2003 a group of athletes proceeded to learning and training exercises, energy, and the study of principles for self-improvement. Adolescent athletes were divided into two groups: first group – worked on the new technique, and the second – has continued training in the old plan. It so happened that the first group were athletes, inferior to the results of the athletes from the second group.

A year later, the picture has changed dramatically since the sports shift, involved in Falun Gong, according to the results drastically gone forward. Soon they won and prizes: I place on the Olympic Youth Days; I-th place in the Games of schoolchildren and among Youth Sports Day, the prize iii places on the international tournaments. In February 2007, the athletes, the young master of sports of the Republic of Belarus, who 16-18 years, were winners among adults. In May 2007, Elena Pusher, 18-year-old athlete, became the champion of Belarus in shooting onions. Confirmed the positive impact and re-psychological study of athletes, which revealed that the level of “neuroticism” (tension) declined three times, increased stress tolerance, athletes become calm and balanced, improved behavior (discipline) and appeared responsible attitude to training.

The study showed more rapid growth in teens personality of the first group, in contrast to the second. Watching the athletes involved in this system, we noted the increase in performance during the training process and the rapid recovery after exercise. Guys do not feel great fatigue, depression and were in good spirits. Knowledge gained during the self-improvement, make a person calm and rational. It is known that the outcome of any case depends not only on the actions rights, but also from each of his thoughts. Who can control all your thoughts? This need to learn. Because we all know that negative thoughts can lead to negative results in any case. In sports, the highest achievements of the important the role played by the harmonious development of personality. To become a champion, you must be a person, and educate the person – the hardest thing. Perfected by the principle of “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, we can achieve this naturally.


Now baseball is pretty high fifth place in terms of rates in bookmakers. Given the fact that for most of our sports fans baseball is still a 'thing in itself' – a result seemingly unexpected. But it is only at first glance. There are several reasons for the popularity of this sport among the players making bets. The first – the lack of competition. mlb Championship held on the following formula: 'Spring-autumn', which means that its height in the summer months, the poor sporting events. The second – a large number of matches. Baseball – the game fairly static, and it allows every day to conduct a full inspection trip involving all the teams the league.

Vobschem per season (excluding playoffs), each team conducts over 160 games. Third. In baseball, only two variants outcome of the match: victory or defeat of one of the teams. Moreover, betting is no need overcome the handicap, such as in basketball. Fourth. The composition of mlb – one of the most flat leagues in the world. Value of victories and defeats the winner of the regular season on average, about 60:40, as a consequence, rather high rates.

For comparison, in the nba this figure approximately 80:20. It should be noted that the unpredictability of baseball games is explained not only by the forces of the opposing team. It lies in the rules themselves that an unusual game, where one lucky swing a bat can deploy a 180 turn of events. Thus, the influence of factors which can be regarded as random, especially in baseball is great.


Charles-a douard Jeanneret, was a Swiss-born French architect who was, together with Walter Gropius, the main protagonist of the international architectural renaissance of the twentieth century. Besides being one of the great innovators of modern architecture, was a tireless cultural agitator, work passionately served throughout his life. In his writings he gained a deserved reputation as polemicist and provided a real flow of innovative ideas that have made his work a decisive influence on later architecture. Only trained craft, built his first house at age seventeen. He learned then the best architects of his time: Josef Hoffmann, Auguste Perret, and Peter Behrens. In 1919 he founded with Amadeo Ozenfant purism, a derivative of cubism. Also created a magazine, L’Esprit Nouveau, from throwing his proclamations against the School of Fine Arts and lashed the dictates of a tradition stagnant and outdated.

In 1921 Le Corbusier published a paper setting out a completely new housing. To save your time line, the house must be a “machine for living” and approved the rest of goods that make up the technological society. This was not defending the aesthetics or the spirit driver, but was trying to make a home as functionally efficient as were the machines in the tasks for which they had been invented. Modern life brought with it a series of demands whose satisfaction could not be found in the survival of traditional architecture; was therefore necessary to adapt the architecture to industrial civilization. “We like each clean air and sunshine in abundance.