Health Patients

The UTI is an area destined to the attendance of patients in critical state who need cares special. The nursing team must give an assistance that exceeds the barriers of the physical care and to promote actions humanizadas that will go to generate an approach of the professional with the patient and the family. This study it has for objective to inform the professionals of nursing to the actions that involve humanizao as well as providing a reliable link enters the team of health, the family and the patients in the UTI? s.Metodologia- Revision of the literature, in which 12 scientific articles published in the period of 2001 had been raised the 2010 and from the analysis of the same ones the subject of this study was developed. Results By means of of the gotten data, were clearly that it is necessary to direct the nursing assistance and to transform it into one managemental dynamics and catalytic of humanizadas actions directed it human being with specific necessities having the family as abutment toward the recovery of the patient practical. Conclusion Is necessary that the health teams start to invest in humanizadas actions, receiving the patients and the family in holistic way and that the units of health create better conditions of work for the team that coexists the patients interned in the UTI daily.

Mental Health

Also they make a list with criteria of mental health, in which they consist: Positive attitudes in relation proper itself; growth, development and auto-accomplishment; integration and emotional reply; autonomy and self-determination; refined perception of the reality and ambient domain and social ability. We do not go to analyze one to one of these criteria, but to say that no day human being accumulates of stocks this linearity. We repeat that our development healthful floodgate gone and comings, progressos and retrocessions, light and shade. Our development is winding and not linear. Of this form we cannot categorize the healthful state as a state in the order of these criteria. Many times to be healthful imply in if denying, if auto-questioning, to descontruir and to breach with the norm of definitive social abilities. As, then, in the fenomenolgica perspective we understand ‘ ‘ health mental’ ‘? For a reason or purpose initiation we remember that in the fenomenologico-existencial boarding, some concepts exist that can superficially be understood, making to appear practical maken a mistake carried through on behalf of the fenomenologia or of the existencial psychology, that few know in depth.

The existencial possesss dense philosophical beddings, is not an easy psychological line, for the opposite, demand very study, much time, much devotion to work from its principles methods. We can think about the existencialismo as a philosophical chain that present beddings to understand the man in its structure, its anguish and its way of being and of if relating with the world. It is, therefore, the theory that bases the practical one in this boarding. Fenomenologia in turn, is the way that we follow to face the therapy sessions and to live deeply our meeting with the customer. It is, therefore, the Fenomenologia, our method.