Exercise and Resting

Of course, every body is different, so you have to do some 'investigation' to find out what level of Cardio-loads for you. 8: Do not drink the water Well, this applies not only to women. In fact, I rarely see anyone in the audience who would consume as much water as it should. If you observe the competing bodybuilders in the hall, you might notice that they drink a lot of water. Why drink water so important? During exercise we sweat and teryam plenty of fluids.

If it does not make you tired before my time. Besides water flushes toxins. Helps keep the joints healthy. Prevent dizziness and fainting. Speeds up metabolism.

Relieves fatigue. Continue to next? 9: Fear of dumbbells This moment is really annoying! Such feeling that many women still cling to outdated views that they would become "too big" if they lift weights. Women, believe me, you never become the "Incredible Hulk" if you just lift weights. In your body does not happen any significant changes as a result of only cardio workouts. Of course, you can burn a little fat, but that remains under it when you get rid of it? Bit, as you will find. You will continue to feel fat and flabby. That is weight training helps women find sexy hands, tight buttocks, embossed calf muscles, flat stomach and a general attractive appearance. Not to mention the fact that the more muscle you carry within yourself, the more calories you burn, even when resting. Muscle tissue gluttonous! You will be able with impunity to consume far more calories if will work diligently with weights. You may even improve bone density and relieve the fight against osteoporosis! Come on, ladies! You will be pleasantly surprised by the results. 10: The daily repetition of the same workout unless you are trained a very long time or you are not fortunate enough to talk with an experienced coach, you may not realize that when the muscles are tired, they need time for rest and recuperation. If you exercise daily, you do not give your muscles to recover and, consequently, they will never gain more strength and tone. It is very important to give each muscle group to rest at least 48 hours between workouts. And even more – I would recommend do not train each muscle group more than 1 time per week. You might think that this is madness, as I once thought so, but if you work on a group of muscles intensely and carefully, you will see great results, giving your muscles a full week to recover. Believe me – it works! Do not be afraid to let your muscles relax. Rest is as important as work. Example of a good four-split will be approximately as follows: Monday: Chest / Biceps Tuesday: Legs Wednesday: Rest Thursday: Shoulders / triceps Friday: Back Saturday: Rest Sunday: Rest Finally, Now go and train, observing a variety of believing in themselves, consuming the water, keeping the good sense, practicing proper technique, sweating to the frenzy, goodbye to cheap perfume, taking the protein and using common sense! You will receive your training more fun and see some positive results!