Action Animal Health

“‘Action animal health’ – 25 voucher for a screening action animal health” not only we humans should go 25 voucher for a screening to physical examination, dogs and cats should regularly to the vet, because here there is pent-up demand: good to treat a variety of diseases is timely diagnosis or curable, without therapy but to serious health damage or the death of the beloved animal cause. Unfortunately, many pet owners waive regular checkups with their pets. * Come with your cat or your dog to the vet and let there discuss costs and perform a physical examination to check the overall health of your pet. It aims to determine any irregularities or complaints in a timely manner, and if necessary at an early stage to be able to handle. * Ask about the investigation the veterinarian for signature and cancellation of the 25 voucher. * Pay as usual Your veterinarian’s Bill. Please send the voucher with the confirmation of a screening conducted in May 2010 at the latest to the June 14, 2010 (date of postmark is decisive) on the specified Hill BBs address and Hill BBs transfer you 25 to your account is the voucher only applies to veterinary checkups conducted to May 31, 2010. Just call and questions us (Tel.: 04167 698 706) your Christina Rohl animal medical practice for reptiles & small animals in Wareham in Buxtehude with emergency services.

Private Health Insurance

As the BKK keep Gildemeister Seidensticker with false statements to customers and wants to win it not so long ago, we ever had a same issue with the GEK. It is only legitimate their customers trying to keep or attract new each side of the system. But fair please! Apparently it looks different the BKK Gildemeister Seidensticker. They publish on your website and as a pdf file 14 misconceptions about the private and 14 good reasons for the BKK Gildemeister Seidensticker “.” Stupid unless it is wrong”to these statements not just once, but x times. But let’s start at the beginning and this supposed reasons look at once more.

Even if the health insurance fund apparently does not see it, or don’t want to see better, unfortunately the reality is different. Why probably separate doctors waiting room patients according to type of payment, so GKV and PKV? Why not have physicians at a time, in the other? Because there is no system differences? Sure not. “Misconception 1: and just at the age your posts in the PKV will increase dramatically.” It recognizes the BKK safe with the hotel’s own glass ball. Of course the posts in the PKV will rise, of course with more services more”. In the statutory health insurance system, we had the last few years many reforms and changes in performance and contribution, to hide that you are welcome to. Logical. “Error 2: while in the meantime so-called retirement provisions for various tariffs offered, but: these provisions long catch not the costs that go along with the fare increases.” Again, the look into the crystal ball? Unfortunately it has remembered, always there are old age provisions in the system of the car.(Basis: calculation Regulation) Just as the system is built and financed, the basic principle of the PKV. “Funny the it now has” to be so.

Board Health

Bone-healthy nutrition in the spring that start with Board of Trustees bone health e.V. celebrates its 25th anniversary this year and is thus the oldest national nonprofit that thematically deals with the bone health and taking care of osteoporosis patients. For 25 years we are a focal point for stakeholders and interested parties and take care of a heart for patients under the motto”that current scientific and medical knowledge in patient-friendly language in flyers, brochures and magazine MobilesLEBEN to introduce a wide audience. In addition to regular exercise, a balanced diet is very important to keep of our bones healthy. “The information flyer bone appetite” of the Board of Trustees of bone health e.V. informed comprehensively and in accordance with the current state of scientific knowledge about the basics of bone-healthy nutrition.

It is also the most important calcium and vitamin D sufficient food and offers a small ER nutrition schedule, with whose help it (bone) healthy food can easily integrate into everyday life. Bone-friendly diet helps to prevent osteoporosis. This disease a quarter of all people are affected according to latest studies in Germany for 50 years. “The information flyer can be requested against 1.45 euros in stamps of plus one with 0.