The Individual

In psychology is defined as the feeling or perception of the elements and relations of reality or imagination, which is expressed physically through some fisiologic function as heart rate and facial reactions, and includes behavioral reactions such as aggression, crying. Emotions are subject matter of psychology, neuroscience, and more recently artificial intelligence. a emotion, is a strong feeling that carries a somatic or organic shock feature that modifies the rate and active muscle force (heart) and the internal secretion of endocrine glands (adrenaline) Wikipedia, we are further reminded that emotions are psychophysiological phenomena that represent efficient modes of adaptation to certain changing environmental demands. Psychologically, emotions alter care, make up certain behaviors ranking in the hierarchy of the individual responses and activate relevant associative networks in memory. Physiologically, emotions rapidly organize the responses of different biological systems, including facial expressions, muscles, voice, SNA activity and endocrine system, to establish an optimal internal environment for more effective behavior. Behaviorally, emotions serve to establish our position with regard to our environment, prompting us to certain people, objects, actions, ideas and away from others. Emotions act also as a store of innate and learned influences, possessing certain invariant features and others that show some variation between individuals, groups and cultures (Levenson). Emotions are neurochemical and cognitive processes related to the architecture of the mind, decision making, memory, attention, perception, imagination that have been perfected by the process of natural selection in response to the needs of survival and reproduction is also said that the description of emotions as almost all the concepts related to human cognition and behavior is subject to the assessment from two opposing points of view of course.

Flu Virus

FLU win – an acute viral disease, anthroponosis is transmitted by airborne droplets. It is characterized by acute onset, fever, general intoxication and respiratory tract lesions. The etiology and pathogenesis. Pathogens Flu belong to the family ortomiksovirusov, which include genus influenza A viruses, the genus of the influenza virus B and C. Influenza A viruses are divided into type A, many serotypes. Continually rise to new antigenic variants.

Influenza virus quickly killed by heating, drying and disinfectants under the influence of various agents. Infection atriums are upper respiratory tract. The influenza virus selectively infects columnar epithelium respiratory tract, especially the trachea. Increased permeability of the vascular wall leads to disruption of the microcirculation and the appearance of hemorrhagic syndrome (hemoptysis, epistaxis, hemorrhagic pneumonia, entsefa-shovel). Influenza causes reduced immune responsiveness. This leads to an exacerbation of various chronic diseases – rheumatism, chronic pneumonia, pielita, cholecystitis, dysentery, toxoplasmosis, etc., and also to the emergence of secondary bacterial complications. The virus persists in the patient's body, usually within 3-5 days of onset of the disease, and complications of pneumonia at-to 10-14 days. Symptoms flow.

The incubation period lasts from 12 to 48 hours typical flu starts badly, often with chills or chilling, body temperature rises rapidly, and already the first day of fever reaches its maximum level (38-40 C). Showing signs of intoxication (fatigue, weakness, sweating, muscle aches, severe headache, eye pain) and respiratory symptoms (dry cough, Pershe-tion in the throat, soreness in the chest, hoarseness vote). In a study of marked hyperemia of face and neck, injected sclera-tion of vessels, increased sweating, bradikar-diya, hypotension. Detected lesion of the upper respiratory tract (rhinitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, tracheitis). Particularly affected are often the trachea, whereas rhinitis is sometimes absent (so called akataralnaya form of influenza). Characterized by redness and a kind of grainy mouth mucosa. Tongue coated, may be-hratkovremennoe diarrhea. Complications of the central nervous system manifested in the form of Me-iingizma and encephalopathy.

Jean Mernard

Each is good insofar as it applies to a particular context. a sueltaa If the apple out of the atmosphere does not fall. To understand this requires a new method. The economy is reasonable for almost a century with the Cartesian coordinates, as a way of reasoning. a but has evolved on a single model of reasoning, which has elucidated a model of reality. But now it serves.

There is a duality between two thinkers, scientists and mathematicians, Rene Descartes and Blaise Pascal. The second was barely tested. In the Spanish educational system or it is called in philosophy, when it is necessary to understand the changing reality. As discussed Jean Mernard, Descartes raises the totality of knowledge of a first truth, unquestionable and absolute certainty, hence the famous phrase of his book The Discourse on Method: "I think, therefore I am": "It's so safe and secure this truth that the skeptics were not able to move her, I thought I could accept it without scruple as the first principle of philosophy that sought ". Descartes was not simply to discover a basis for establishing a method of reasoning, but pretended to think for himself and leave the tight control exercised by the scholastics pensamientoa, so first you permitieraa contrasting views and theories of the authorities. Its foundation was a step in the geometric and mathematical calculation, but it served for a stable reality, or established on the reasoning introduced. Overcame the Aristotelian model of the syllogism, whose reasoning is achieved by general principles based on faith or authority, such as Aristotle.

Loose Powder Mary Kay

It should be noted that the color should be slightly muted, that is, instead of gray-black shades, switch to the smoky-gray. If you are blonde with blue eyes, then it is better to abstain from the use of smoky shades. Replace them with brown, gray or peach-pink shades. These colors will accentuate your romance and sexuality, will remove the stress. To keep your mascara does not crumble for a long time, it is better to put on lashes lengthening mascara Mascara Mary Kay. K Besides, your eyes become more expressive and gain extra shine.

3. Powder. Light powder for the bride – the best solution. Apply it to the top of the cheeks, shoulders and eyelids. Remember: the powder should not be creamy. After her application your skin will be velvety and tender, and you will feel yourself more confident. Better to use a transparent powder, as you can to correct it as many times as needed. In addition, with the help of You can perfectly simulate the person giving the skin brightness, or making it a little darker – powder will not look as dark spots on his face.

For this ideal Loose Powder Mary Kay. 4. Tips on make-up lips. They should be ready for a kiss, which will be remembered for years to come. Use a matte lipstick, which will be the best solution for your husband: she would be less noticeable if you accidentally leave a trail. Bright colors should be fully excluded from your makeup.

Candy Illusion

In the doubt, I preferred to omit the part of the shield. The suffering was great, same the doctor being aged, thinks that for the familiar ones the loss is always a pain, because of that one ausnca present, a habitual one that it is pulled out suddenly. It had a cousin of the deceased who took care of of its car, showing the condition of its vehicle in good condition of conservation and I at the same time desiring to talk with the nephew of the doctor, which I had a bigger linking, I waited a moment more opportune to talk on the occurrence. It was exactly at this moment of distraction of the cousin, with its automachine vehicle, that I came close and I told my sincere feelings in relation to the deceased, we share pain. But it was in this moment that something occurred.

I saw in that nephew a familiar face, I was my cousin and approaching me of the guarded coffin being, looking at inside of it, I came across myself with the uncle of my there lying father. But as could such thing, and as an afterthought, because they had changed the involved people in such occurred fact? I remembered myself of the accident. As it could have survived something of this type and what it would make in a consultation in a city as that one, being that my doctors take care of in my city, beyond not having no doctor as that nefrologista, nor the asthma doctor possesss motorcycle, would be surreal to be in that doctor’s office. Thinking still more it happens frequently, it started to perceive certain hiatos in the events, as the moment of the accident and the velrio, beyond diverse enters other disconnected factors, was when I gave account of the evidence. I WAS DELUDED! A dream, everything did not pass of a dream, an illusion of my mind that it sent to a chaotic psychic state, where until certain moment the things made direction, that direction of the direction lack, where it was torpifyed in this atmosphere onrica. Aaahh! Now despertei, the proper mind detected the ilusrio state, or will be that now I will be inserted in another one? What it matters is that I am despertando and wanted to continue asleep to ignore waking up early and to have to prepare that me for plus one day fastidioso of work. Candy Illusion!

Tattoo and Health

Directories of images of tattoos dates back several thousand designs to suit every taste: from the erotic to the hearts scary dragons. Such an abundance of images puts amateur tattoo to a standstill, because the thinking is repelled by one: whether this way of impressing, for whom in fact she's done. Indeed, to achieve an enthusiastic "Oh!" On the damage pattern on the body and even from experts in our time is not so simple. If you delve into the history tattoos, there is traced a very important point: the tattoo is never applied to the body for jewelry. Over the millennia, tattoo pictures have always had the deepest sense, and not even the image itself, and details from which this image was constructed. The main purpose of tattoos at all times and all peoples – protection from evil forces around the world. Tattoos were a kind of amulets and talismans, which were attract wealth, love, happiness, success, health, make a man brave and strong, helping to avoid the misery and misfortune. Many nations still retained the belief that the tattoo has a magical effect.

In Laos, Cambodia and Thailand firmly believes that the yantra tattoo is able to protect against the evil eye and bring good luck. Filipinos believe in the magic of tattooing and its ability to protect their property. However, as the spread around art world application under the skin of the special ink in the form of various characters, unfortunately, gradually loses the basic meaning of this magical process.


What is brings back to consciousness? The state of being conscious, is brings back to consciousness of the own existence, the sensations, thoughts, surroundings, etc., and the mental activity of which a person is conscious. This superior over the mind is the mental body whereupon the person must contact itself. Which are our bodies of energy? Our physical body is made up of seven small farms (to see p 12) in ” Smaller Mental body and exists in our etrico field. Our etrico field is the center of the energy of our being. The following body that we own is the emotional one, that extends around three feet of distance of our etrico body.

Ours Greater Mental Body is where the majors levels of bring back to consciousness exist. Which emotions, thoughts and attitudes influence their level of brings back to consciousness? His it brings back to consciousness attracts exactly what it is feeling impelled by the thoughts, the attitudes and the general mentality. If you feel like positive, and have happy thoughts, are what is going to attract. Any thought of transmission with a feeling will indicate a reflection than it has generated. Often we are conscious of how long and mental energy we spent in the negative thoughts and the feelings that are. We are so customary to the negatividad that we are essentially unconscious than we are making same. Therefore, an aspect important to elevate brings back to consciousness is first conscious being one same one of the self-criticism constantly and to hear what one thinks about your head. Same Pregntate ” Which is the potential of my brings back to consciousness? ” Concete same good. If no, how it can develop his brings back to consciousness to indicate a life better? In order to elevate his it brings back to consciousness, you you must begin to be observed itself and observes his own strengths and weaknesses, skills and abilities, tendencies and desires.

Marathon Barcelona

The Marathon of Barcelona! 06 of March of the 2011 marathon of Barcelona of year 1980 were the first marathon that was celebrated in the city but it was the continuity of both which they had become in Palafrugell, one in 1978 and the other the 1979. At the moment the marathon of Barcelona enjoys an international prestige that their organizers do not stop harnessing. A total of 10,000 participants in this edition is expected and we asked S.A. just as the past year, the best mark of this marathon into the hands of Kenyata Jackson Cotut with a time of 2:07 will be fought now: 30 the Marathon of Barcelona is a delight as much for participants, (or they are amateurs, professionals or initiates) like for spectators since it passes throughout the most emblematic Barcelona, (with its more representative buildings and monuments) offering therefore the possibility of knowing Barcelona from another perspective. You do not stop enjoying an event these characteristics for it Apartments Habitat offers a 5% to you of discount on its tariff Web in all apartments for stays with reason to the next marathon of Barcelona the 06 of March of the 20111.


After a separation, to him usually one adds to the discouragement and the anxiety a fault feeling. Sometimes, this feeling of fault appears during the separation process and can get to prevent the rupture. As much for the person who leaves the other, like which it is left, the fault stays as an emotional remainder after the separation. That one person whom she gives by finished the relation can feel guilty to cause malaise, to hurt to her pair or to throw overboard the projects that they had common. On the other hand, who feels lazy she undergoes the fault not to do whatever was to his reach or not having amended in time the relation; this takes to feel pain, wrath and jealousy. As well as, before the death of a loved being, we entered a process of duel, the same happens before the rupture of the relation, because both consider losses.

to share the life with another person we happened to feel a contradictory emptiness and feelings, where the fault is present. Nevertheless, the fault can block the duel process and become a heavy and sterile load. It will depend, among other things, than it meant the relation or of how was carried out the separation. But, whether the fault goes towards one same one or towards the other, it is necessary to balance the vision of the things. Now, why it appears the feeling of fault? Basically, because we considered that we have transgressed some norm of our internal moral code. In order to give examples, we could think that if somebody has the belief that to leave somebody, or not to respond to its calls, or not to give a new opportunity he is bad, the fault will appear to remember to him that it must be directed according to those norms.

Some women cannot leave their maltratadores husbands, because its internal code dictates to them that to separate of a person he is incorrect. Thus our sense of the responsibility works, which varies from a person to another one. The problem is in which if east code of strict and unconditional way is defended, without considering that we needed to adapt it to the present situation, it will be very difficult to us to surpass the state of duel by the rupture. To recognize the norm and to question will help to discover it to us the belief that there is behind her and to be able to surpass the fault. To make flexible, to adapt and until modifying our codes of conduct I commit is not so simple and, generally, we will need external aid to obtain it. Finally, it turns out useful to remember that a relation always is thing of two, and is responsibility of both the growth or impoverishment of the same. If we watched only the defects on the one hand we are not realistic, aid and usually does not originate fault. To exempt us of the excessive fault, requires to recover a felt major of the reality, in order to accept the responsibility that corresponds to both members of the pair. You have surpassed your fault by the rupture with your pair? You are in the process?

Improve Nutrition

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