Improve Overall Health

The man can be healthy life and so at times, leaving his body. Or his life with the various diseases. The IAM method is made it possible to lead a life in the meantime many people, which can be done free of diseases. Through individual work with clients, it is possible to convert its own cell structures and to change thus as it were his personal destiny detail. Initially suspicious eyes, shows this method, developed by Sabine Jechow, now great successes.

The IAM developed treatment – ini Attache Mrs. Sabine Jechow alias – is a way to make a living and the people healthy and liveable. A way to show them up independently by simple means in everyday life as they their health reconstruct, as well as receive preventive. What is the purpose of the IAM? Scars filtering migraine seizure reduction relief from back and intervertebral disc pain relief from menstrual cramps help menopausal symptoms Depression reduction help Arhtrose and rheumatic help and support ADS syndrome sleep disorders concentration disorders in children and adults drive and self motivation weakness fear of failure of cell activate self healing energy weight loss (this is just a study of the practice of ini Attachee) u.v.m. Are there side effects when the IAM? No. There can be no side effects with this method. Sabine Jechow ini Attache works with clients from out of nature, with nature, in conjunction with the nature of mother earth and your personal nature – so completely natural, so that it remains available for each individual or is always compelling. Say no side effects in the traditional sense, because everything man can see, perceive, and access, he decides, whether he likes it or not.

Thus no unexpected side effects – when then quite deliberately cause guided “Side effects”. Say everything is predictable and understandable for a man, has the intended effect. Health is an issue, which not only affect everyone, but also concerns. So every single look – unless the people there believe worth – himself and deliberately decided are healthy, happy and rich at all levels / to be old in all areas. Free of fears, worries and difficulties. If human health enters consciousness as motivation, the company and hence the economy will recover quickly. IAM is “consulting or exercise thing” However no pure – the IAM includes treatment and diet tips, natural supplements, physical exercises, special massage treatments – for activating the Meridian and Lymphaktivitaten, as well as for resolving blockages, as well as color energy u.v.m. The different applications are absolutely individually tailored to the individual client so that the best possible results. Mrs Jechow ini Attachee still continues her studies in these areas and aims at Times to get the recognition of the IAM treatment for health insurance.

Nutrition and Exercise

To work with artesanatos, paintings, musics being stimulated to keep the facts that happen, but focusing its attention and if concentrating in what to find more important. : 2. Exercises To catch an object any, for example, a penxs and if concentrates in it; thinking on its diverse characteristics: its material, its function, its color, its anatomy, etc. do not allow that none another thought occupies its mind while you will be concentrated in the penxs. To relax. It is impossible to give attention if you will be tense or nervous. Exercise: it arrests the breath per ten seconds and slowly goes freeing it. To associate facts the images.

It learns mnemonic techniques. They are an efficient formamuito to memorize great amount of information. Mnemonic exercises: To visualize, to feel with the souvenirs of the mind the images. It closes the eyes and it imagines a beefburger I fry great succulent e. It feels the aroma and the maciez of the meat. It is imagined cutting to the meat with a knife and a yoke and saboreando it. 3. Information to the patient and the familiar ones.

Foods: The foods are basic for a good mental performance, between them tiamina, acid flico and B12 vitamin. The bread and cereals, vegetables and fruits are found in. (Varella, Druzio)? Water: The water helps to keep the good functioning of the memory, especially in older people. In accordance with the Dra.Turkington, the water lack in the body has a direct and deep effect on the memory; the dehydration can take the confusion and other problems of the thought. Sleep: It is basic that if it allows to enough sleep and rest of the brain. During deep sleep, the brain if detaches from the directions and processes, revises and stores the memory. The sleeplessness leads to a state of chronic fatigue and harms ability to concentrate themselves and to store information.

Switch Private Health Insurance

Who can switch from the law in the private health insurance, usually something good, so does his health increased its life expectancy and change to a specific private health insurance company receives health benefits is often a decision for life. Switch to a different private health insurance is often burdened with disadvantages and the change back to the legal is a not necessarily advisable and on the other hand often also no longer possible, mostly due to an excessively high income of the privately insured. In Germany, only about ten percent of the population enjoy the insurance coverage through a private health insurance scheme. This is due to the hurdles, which pushed the legislature for this. In contrast to the institutions of the statutory health insurance is private health insurance (as the name suggests) to private companies. You are in free competition, seek profits and have the privilege to choose its customers. People with certain health negative characteristics are not even recorded. Long customer relationships also play a role.

Thus, it is a change within the statutory insurance much less problematic to accomplish as a change within the private health insurance companies. A special case is the change from a private to a statutory insurance funds. An insured person who wants to change the private health insurance company and enter into the legal, may do so only under strictly limited circumstances. As a fact, for example occurs when someone due to changed personal circumstances is resident. For the change of the insured shall have not reached usually the age of 55, he needs with his income below the insurance limit at the time of the change and credibly represent that this will remain so in the long term. The change from a private insurance company to another is in most cases with losses. This is due to the fee structure of private, which provides for an aging reserve for each insured person.

This provision to prevent that the health insurance contributions at the age rises too high. Contracts that were concluded prior to the year of 2009, the accumulated provisions of the company insured community fall and lost the policyholder. An is at least partially possible in recent contracts. Want to change a policy holder so the private health insurance, he thus loses at least a portion of the previously paid a pension of its contribution. Conclusion: change of the law in the private health insurance is recommended, since it is connected with better services to an often cheaper in most cases. The process should be planned carefully. Change within the private health insurance will bring more rarely an advantage and the change back to the statutory health insurance is not possible or not advisable.

Astrid Lindgren

– I guess you get good gifts? – Asked Carlson. – I do not know – kid replied with a sigh. He knew: what he wanted, wanted more than anything else, he still will not get … – a dog to me, it is seen not give never in my life – said Kid. A. Lindgren, "The Kid and Carlson," In childhood, many similar experiences coincided with the hero of Astrid Lindgren.

And not that important, you know who this kid or not, though earlier – knew, knew, without exception. However, the question is not even This and the fact that you have crept into the idea give Someone's not something, and someone! "Someone" – are different! If it's someone in your family (daughter, son, wife, husband, etc.) about which you know absolutely everything thoroughly, starting from its desires, capabilities, accuracy, patience, and to such nuances of his health, and those who live with him, like an allergy, then the gift of a living pet – can. But in doing so, be prepared for that care, feeding, walking, clean up after them, you may have your own. If you're going to make a living gift "to people with whom we do not live, you must first pay attention to the huge number of stray dogs and cats – some of them before was also a "gift". But they too have feelings. What do you think people who reject them, had an allergy? Or maybe it was not possible to ensure proper care and safety of their students? "Someone" – are also so different! Several years ago, my daughter, going out of kindergarten by the pet shop on the eve of her birthday, and decided that she just needed a gift to a pet such as a hamster.

Caring For A Kitten In The First Days Of Life

The first time after the birth of the baby are advised to leave at dusk to bright light did not lead to the development of their cataracts. Opening eyes in babies occurs within 1-2 weeks after birth. And they begin to distinguish objects more through 5 – 10 days. Be that as it may be better at first, just to keep the kitten in one room. Better in the adjustment period to keep it, for example, in the kitchen. Kitten need to put little bed and bowls with water and food. Newborn kittens both sexes and all breeds have a weight about the same – 80-120, for the first time, they added about 100 grams per week.

From the third week of females grow slower than SEALs. If your baby is gaining weight poorly, you need to carry it on consultation in veterinaries. During the third week, begin to appear and the teeth are usually on a 5-day 6, this process is completed. Not to subject a cat to heavy loads, especially for large litters, it is possible for 3 – 4-week start to fertilizing. At 8 weeks of age kittens taken away from her mother, and they feed themselves.

Pay attention to the health of a kitten: it should look well-groomed. Ears should be cleaned to the extent of pollution from sulfur cotton swabs with Vaseline oil. If the kitten an upset stomach, or something else – do not be lazy to go to a veterinary clinic. Kittens must do all necessary vaccinations. It is very important to teach the little kitten to a toilet. In shops A wide choice of fillers and special sprays to attract to the toilet or scaring from places where there is no need to defecate. For additional attraction to the tray, there is one simple way: in filler put a piece of toilet paper soaked in urine baby. It is better not to let small kittens out of the room as long as they are not accustom to the tray.

Safe Cookware

When buying cookware, you need to know what it is made and that it is possible to prepare, and what not. Mindful of the shortage of materials and technologies, we can avoid many troubles related to their health effects. Materials of which Cookware made of stainless steel utensils resistant to oxidation, while cooking in her products do not lose their properties, taste and even vitamins, it provides long-term and secure storage of cooked products. In addition, she very beautiful. Yes, utensils made of stainless steel has obvious advantages but, unfortunately, contained therein Nickel is an allergen and can cause dermatosis.

You should not use this dish too often make it spicy. The same applies to utensils made of titanium. Tableware from "steel" is very aesthetic and useful, but cook it too often is quite good, and enamelware. It is possible to prepare dinner, store any food safely do pickling and marinades. But one of the main disadvantages of these pots and containers is their fragility. If rough handling on enamelware appear chipped enamel and crack. Through them, the metal gets wet, and the process of corrosion. So it is better to take an enamel pans with rims, stainless steel, which prevents corrosion.

Clay pots are time-tested What As for ceramics, the clay pot meals cooked for ages, and experience of generations can not lie. All good this pottery, which is of a high temperature becomes even stronger. One bad – it quickly absorbs fat, which is difficult to wash.


If you have decided to get myself a pet, and chose a decorative ferret (fretke), then, first of all, we should examine how to choose the right pet and what conditions must be created for him a long and comfortable living in your home. About this and are discussed in this article. Usually, puppies are buying a ferret at the age of two months. It is mandatory to have a baby should be clear slimy, shiny coat with no bald spots and skin parasites. Healthy puppies differ activity, mobility and curiosity, they are sufficiently fed, do not fear man and do not show aggression. Look closely for the appearance of the mother and the other kids, as well as conditions of detention. With incorrect content pregnant females, the pups were born, you may receive rickets.

Carefully inspect the ferret for this disease. Pay attention to the formulation of hind limbs, chest and spine. Bending is a sign of rickets. And please note that an experienced breeder himself will tell you everything you need to know about housing and feeding of ferrets in the home, about vaccinations and veterinary promotion, leave contact details. This is a kind of good form and a kind of "quality mark" the owner of the kennel. For transporting your baby in its new habitat is desirable to purchase or borrow hire a special portability. And the arrival of a ferret apartment and supplies should already be prepared accordingly. Dwell on the arrangement of housing for the animal.

A ferret can be kept in a cage issuing a walk for a few hours a day. It is also possible to arrange a room for him on the glassed-in loggia (fretki well tolerate cold) or contain free as a cat. But the cell you still need, at least at first. If you plan to keep the animal in a cage all the time, then we need to invent a real house ferret – a large, multi-tiered, with secluded places and the ability to maneuver. Some are building their own, or do to order. In the cage for a ferret fits tray (with or without filler), stable feeding, convenient and avtopoilka house in which animal will sleep. As litter is commonly used fabric – all kinds of cloth natural materials. Sawdust is not recommended. Put in the cells of different ladders, hammocks, and tunnels – these devices ferret will appreciate. In general, since ferrets are very mobile, you always sit in the cage of boring, so as often as possible let go of your pet to freely run and play. And as for additional equipment and accessories, then most likely you will need kogterezki, shampoo, a brush for grooming, Harnesses for walks, toys and treats. If you do everything correctly, your little furry fidget will for many years to give you joy of your presence in your home.

Gifts For Women

What a gift to give a woman? How to please your favorite? What to choose as a gift my mother than to please mother in law? On the eve of International Women's Day, these issues are particularly relevant. Cosmetics. Sets makeup? Excellent choice! Set cosmetics for the body suit women of any age and you can always choose a cosmetic set an appropriate price range. Note the wide range of aromatic, mineral and natural cosmetics – And you will please even the most legible fashionistas. Do not buy cosmetics for the face, if you do not understand it and do not know the type of skin ladies who are going to make a gift.

Perfume – a great gift, but only if you are well know the tastes and preferences of his lady. If not – better not risk it. Jewelry – You want to choose beautiful and the right gift for a woman over 40? Energetix – an elite costume jewelry for every taste with health and healing effect. Stylish, The original and a truly useful gift. Lingerie – woman with whom you have a close relationship, you can donate underwear. In order not to be trapped with the size, look at the size of clothes worn by your woman, or Go make a purchase with it. Books.

Your pet enjoys painting? Give her an album of reproductions of paintings by favorite artist. And, of course, flowers – bouquet of flowers can be presented as a separate gift by adding him a box of expensive chocolates and as an adjunct to the main gift. Give your jewelry? Add the luxurious red or maroon roses on long stems, and your darling will not doubt your feelings! Want surprise? Give your favorite exotic flower in a pot. And most importantly – give for March 8, his beloved as much tenderness, care and attention!

The Health

It is an anticuagulante without side effects. It provides elasticity to the vessels and activates your dilation, so it reduces cholesterol. It is a tonic to the heart muscle, it regulates blood pressure. It is effective for the prevention or treatment of cardiovascular diseases most long-term namely: / arteriosclerosis, myocardial infarction, emboli, phlebitis and hypertension. Eat 2 or 3 cloves of garlic a day, in fasting or at meals; in fasting recommended for high pressure regulation. One of the cures that have been made with your intake, is the phlebitis.Another of its properties focuses on the digestive tract; in the stomach it promotes the secretion of gastric juice and tones up the walls.

In the intestine it promotes peristalsis, cleaning and toning the intestinal mucosa, regularizing the intestinal transit. It is a great stimulant for the liver and pancreas. It is advisable for dyspepsia, the chronic constipation and all sorts of disorders in that area. Garlic taken with oil eliminates pinworms, earthworms and tapeworms. All liver functions are particularly enhanced the immune cells. Another of its properties is related to tumors, cancers and degenerative diseases. It dissolves uric acid deposits; It is a tonic for the endocrine functions and nerve; iodine and sulfur of garlic power of the thyroid or pituitary glands. In a large intake of alcohol and tobacco acts as detoxifier. In what has to do with their preventive purposes, you must manage in a gradual manner; starting with a tooth for a few days preferably at mealtimes, for after two or three weeks keep a daily intake of three teeth per day. Two other teeth per day for several months is already effectively to improve the health of the body.For more information please consult a naturist medio.

Health Tourism

Year after year, cosmetic surgery clinics increase a way unstoppable and exhaustive worldwide, though they have also grown, though at slower pace, clinics focused on the health tourism, especially in Europe. In the Netherlands is one of the most renowned medical hospitals internationally, as it is the clinic MCL (Center doctor Leeuwarden). A huge team consisting of doctors, nurses, paramedics, physiotherapists and practically most of the professions necessary for any ailment you may have can be treated and cured in a short period of time. Why this hospital, the MCL, has become to the Netherlands one of the capitals of the medical tourism from throughout the European Community. This Center is qualified to perform operations related to gynaecology, diseases of the heart, diseases of the skin, a Department of Oncology for treating cancer, and they even have urologists. In addition, not only is is intended for health tourism, but that It also offers a limited range of aesthetic treatments for people seeking the aesthetic tourism. They can thus make a facelift, liposuction and Rhinoplasty. If you are looking for other types of treatments do not worry, because the hospital is renewed many times throughout the season to include new operations in its medical offerings.

At the end of the previous year you began doing eye surgeries and many beauty treatments facial surgery-related. Their next challenges are to include plastic surgery such as breast implants. For music lovers, this European country provides the opportunity of attending many festivals that are made throughout the year, although the most famous of them is the festival of electronic music from Amsterdam during the month of August, with more than 700 artists from many different nationalities.Join a medical tourism of quality with the best music on the planet.