Start The Badminton Season

A sport for everyone When the days get shorter and the weather getting colder and rainy, it attracts the recreational athlete again increased in the halls. If you have already tried the badminton sport You really need is a sports equipment and a badminton racket. Sometimes you even find appropriate web starter packages to get to know the sport affordable again. There are opportunities to play in almost any indoor tennis courts, where tennis and squash can be played. The rules of badminton, which is often erroneously equated with the well-known badminton, is a so-called non-return game, where the ball is then played over the badminton net that can be dotted with them. The rapid movement and the amazing speeds, which lead to reach the badminton balls, to ensure that a high level of fitness can be achieved. This is reinforced by the fact that the ball must not touch the ground – as opposed to tennis -. Equipment In addition to various models forBeginners to professionals, manufacturers are offering badminton racket in every price range and it should be found for each according to his performance level to the appropriate racket. As the so-called Shuttlecock ball is used. A shuttlecock of the hobby and leisure use mostly as a nylon ball in a match more expensive than natural shuttlecock is used. The Pitch The pitch is very similar to that of tennis, but much smaller. Badminton is a very fast-paced sport that requires much patience and tactical skill. Simultaneously, the Sport also offers the possibility to apply a playful finesse and trick that can make the game very interesting. Who has not tried it yet, should dare to time have a beginning, he will probably not get away from it.


Gymnastics on the large color ball – Swiss invention. It was from there it spread throughout the world, subsequently named 'fitbol'. Today fitbol – one of the biggest trends in fitness. Magnificently solving health problems, fitbol has been successfully used for correction, forms the perfect posture and uplifting. Miracle Rare Sports Capital fitness club did not have the practice schedule fitbol ('fit' – recovery, 'ball' – a ball). So fashionable now developed a line of Swiss physician, physical therapist Susan Klyaynfogelbah in the 50s of last century as rehabilitation exercises for patients with cerebral palsy. Wellness fitbol effect was so obvious that it soon began to be recommended for recovery after injuries of the locomotor apparatus. The results surprised the doctors with patients, performing exercises on the ball, the processes regeneration of tissues is more intense, the muscles and tissues become more elastic, improved blood and lymph circulation and metabolism in the intervertebral discs.

What is the secret fitbol? It turns out that this kind of impact on fitness similar to ipoterapiey – horse riding therapy. On horseback or on the ball must always balance, and the process involved a lot of muscle. A vibration ball stimulate the various systems and internal organs: stomach, liver, adrenal, kidney, intestines … and receives impulses the brain, resulting in accelerated development of new conditioned reflex connections, especially when the necessary mental and intellectual development of children. In addition, fitbol very useful for spine and posture: sit on the ball, try a crooked! Not surprisingly, the Nordic countries in many children's facilities are used instead of chairs balls. In addition, fitbol improves the ability to self-control and self-awareness exercises on the ball so often do in yoga and tai chi. Lose the ball with the ball is Aerobic power view of fitness.

In the first all, it aims to increase muscle tone and create a beautiful landscape. Due to the need to maintain a balance heavily burned fat. In addition, the ball is very easy to stretch and relax and just relax: just lay the ball back. The complexity of the exercises depends on the elasticity of the ball. The better it is inflated, the more difficult to do, and vice versa. For this reason, beginners encouraged to use polusduty 'Shell', with the first training to be located next to the coach, so, in which case, to insure. Landing on fitbol considered correct if the angle between the torso and hip, femur and tibia, ankle and foot equal to 900. In this case the head should be lifted, and the back straight. Palm hold the ball back, feet are shoulder width apart, feet parallel to each other. In this position, it is easy to achieve stability, which means – to keep good posture. Fitbol very useful for people who suffer from arthrosis and osteochondrosis, as fully offloads the legs and joints, great strengthens the back muscles and abdominals. Fitbol also improves vestibular apparatus, which is especially important for children and the elderly. Inflatable shell 'shells' for fitbol made of polyvinyl chloride, and recently they started adding a deodorizing fragrance. Balls withstand up to 300 kg and ranged from 45 to 85 cm in diameter – the size is adjusted depending on the growth of the course. For example, people rise from 150 to 165 cm in diameter need ball 65 cm, and with an increase from 170 to 190 cm – 75 cm


Despite nondecreasing demand for building and residences near Moscow, the capital city's real estate market authorities of the capital are developing a new direction – the erection of tall buildings in different parts of the city. The Moscow City Government has set a target to build high-rise complexes, which will not change the historical view of the center of the capital. The investment program "New Ring of Moscow 'design construction of about 60 high-rise complexes in those areas of the capital, where the building will be most functional. Simply put, the distinguished point construction sites, located mainly at the Garden Ring. In such complexes planned create a sports and playgrounds, stores and movie theaters, health salons and fitness centers. The first results, the increasingly growth of the investment program, the complexes were inscribed – 'Red Sails', 'Edelweiss' 'Triumph-Palace', in which the elite real estate were sold at auction. Geological problem of the instability of the Moscow ground on the new building is clearly irrelevant. Design skyline is an investment program, the Project should have the necessary amount of funding and, therefore, be stable and reliable.

For insertion of money, the client must be confident in his financial success. Anyway, you can always order the service of the safety assessment of the project and insure real estate. Market demand for high-rise luxury apartments acquires stability. Basic social groups interested in such housing, are the people who were educated and having a constant high earnings. Sociologists argue that people in skyscrapers, almost do not get housing on the lower floors – magnificent view from the windows of these apartments is impossible to forget.

Mary Poplin

WHAT does SHE: As soon as he crossed the threshold of your apartment, puts your flyer from the fitness center, phone her dressmaker, address, favorite cosmetic salon and a brief description of an effective diet, saying: "Honey, you is not hurt." She leaping laughing, shakes and painted perfectly tonsured head and tells how (damn funny!) The other day with her son took a couple of newlyweds. Opens the door of your closet and says: "This no longer wear. And then, with the same snow-white smile at the perfectly tanned face is taken to discuss personal anecdote. what do YOU: Probably, just to know her, you're glad that your loved one so young and modern mom. Fatigue, and sometimes terrify her behavior you start a little later. However, the poor just have to feel sorry – for the showy that such a fixation on youth – a tragedy. Do not give her mania, which sometimes is very contagious.

Also, do not let mother in law to become a "couple" of her son – because this place is already taken you. And do not let him involve you in a game called "My mom is the most beautiful – the most beautiful he must have two: you and only then my mother. An expert on children catchphrase: "To be a grandmother – the meaning of my life." what does IT: Many are likely to believe that you it is extremely lucky. Let the first order, it irritates the endless questions about the planned addition of a family, but as soon as the baby will be born, will take care of it, has eclipsed the very Mary Poplin.

Food And Metabolism

Favourite male representatives Jennifer Lopez grew up in Latin American cuisine, replete with food legumes and fatty sauces. Early in his career for a star observed overweight, but Lopez got rid of him a diet based on seafood, vegetables, salads and cocktails. And, of course, regular fitness training are an integral part of her life. But Cox does not like traditional gyms and maintains shape under the guidance of a personal yoga instructor. Many admire the incredible velvety skin Naomi Campbell. The whole secret – in the regular peeling. Model from time Time scrub away the body, resulting in a surprisingly even tone and perfection of the lines that we see on the pages of glossy magazines.

Actress Jennifer Aniston is one time too fond of fast food and violated by his metabolism. After numerous searches 'their' diet and a succession of failed attempts Aniston finally found a solution to your problem. Now she's in great shape, but the secret is known only to those closest. Brooke Shields often resorted to an emergency weight loss. For this purpose, it has a special drink – fruit and yeast. Melanie Griffith is 40 years, but it looks like at this age, perhaps even better than in youth. Her daily breakfast – soy protein shake.

Preparing it is quite simple: a cup of berries, a spoonful of soy, 100 ml of apple juice and 5-6 ice cubes. If you need to lose weight thoroughly, Griffiths sits on the some fruit. Recognized as a leader in the maintenance of her own beauty and perfect figure is Sophia Loren. She certainly managed to win his age, and only she knows how much effort it cost her. A passionate pasta, it for years can not afford them. The list of 'taboo' also includes meat, alcohol and cigarettes. The basis of the daily diet of Sophia Loren are vegetables, fruit and cheese. Thus, you can see that there are no special secrets 'Hollywood' beauty and harmony does not exist. And each of us can if you want to look perfect, have a perfect body and catch the admiring glances at his men.

Hybrid Spain

Rioja Biking In Spain, many tourists think of the sea and beach. This is Spain to Switzerland's highest country in Europe. Of the landscape of northern Spain is the interplay of sea and mountains. Two major mountain systems dominate northern Spain: the Pyrenees and the Cantabrian Cordillera. The latter separated geographically (as a system of several mountain ranges), the domestic Spanish Meseta plateau. At the same time this is also culturally and historically the border to the south. Rioja we know mostly as a fine wine in a wine bottle.

The wine growing areas are mainly in the valley of the Ebro. They are against the weather influences of the north also protected by the Cantabrian Mountains. The Basque country has a lot of close sparsely populated valleys. It is also a densely populated industrial region with a very well developed roads. The further one moves away from Bilbao and the coast, the more beautiful is the landscape. The main feature is its diversity Riojas pasture land, forests, vineyards and rugged mountains can be found in confined spaces. Castile and Leon in the north is dominated by the rough edges of the domestic Spanish Meseta. Characterized by rugged rock formations SIDN with remote valleys and large forest areas. The mountainous route profile calls for a good condition. Who is making in Rioja and the Basque country cycling with a Hybrid bike, should have sufficient mountain translation, as the lead constantly cycling up and down. Increases about 50-10 kilometers on these routes are not uncommon.

Warts Prevention

Warts are one of the most common skin diseases. According to statistics, almost 75% of people at least once in their lives, but there are warts. Warts – a pale (under skin color) are benign growths with a rough surface caused by a virus. The causative agent of this disease are different types of human papillomavirus. Warts usually appear on the feet, elbows and fingers.

As Typically, they tend to go away after some time (from 3 months to 2-3 years). Warts are subdivided into several of the most common types: Ordinary warts (a 3-7 mm thick rounded education forms of skin color with a rough surface. Most often, ordinary warts affect the fingers, the face) Plantar warts (these are warts, which are located exactly on the feet. They are in appearance very similar Corn and arise due to wearing tight, uncomfortable shoes, shoes that prevents the foot to breathe). Flat warts (this is a very small 3 mm rounded nodules with a smooth surface, most often occur in young people face or back of the hand)

Fighting and Muscles

Let's imagine that not having a practice in a street melee fight people witnessed a fight between two fighters. One fighter weighs over 100 kilograms, the other barely 60.Esli ask him who will remain standing after the fight – that he answer? Perhaps this question is no single answer. Equally likely to win and he and drugoy.Massa body does not give some of benefits in road boe.Na my memory trained fighter 'snuffed out' his opponent, who had a clear superiority in weight and height. Conversely pressed without the problems of his opponent's more rickety. So how are all the same to be? Build up the muscles of the body or not? I am deeply convinced that the exercise binding . If someone knows how to develop without training speed and impact force-mail me the website dogfight.

Sure kachek the body Shvartseneggeravyglyadit very effectively. But whether it is effective? Such a person can be very grasp of the enemy (and, perhaps, to crush it), can greatly push it, but here's swipe-no! Any blow it will look like a strong push, no more. He will interfere with proper muscle body weight for applying the normal udara.Primer: You know how much weight pistol bullet? And how much destruction it brings, once in the human body? That's just the same. On the other storonyopponent from pitching too flimsy, it kachek without paying attention to attacks on his body, covered with muscle armor, just a suit at close range and vytryaset his heart and soul of .Da! All developed physically fighters have sort of armor from their own muscles.

Carlin Offers A Wide Range Of Possibilities To Implement A Franchise Franchise

Carlin, the franchise chain of stationery and office supplies, wants his shows to continue to grow. This expansion is possible thanks to the facilities given to those who want to open one of its sites. “We have several different contract options, each with its own characteristics, so that the future franchisee can choose the most convenient when developing their business,” explains Jose Luis Hernandez, the Director General. For tastes, colors, and is that Carlin offers different variants ranging from the of market, the Joint of market or distribution to the master franchise. With this very broad range of possibilities when implementing a business with Carlin, stationery firm aims to “make it easy for entrepreneurs who want to work with us. It is that they can choose based on their preferences of business opportunities, while taking certain that working with a leading brand in sector “, stressed the executive.

So are each of the possibilities: “This is a self-service for urban stationery from 15,000. To implement it requires a two-person initial template and a local 50 to 100 m2 in a commercial area. ” “In this case the sale is made to companies, so you need a store of 200 m2 to be located preferably in an industrial area in which they operate between 1,500 and 3,000 companies. The minimum staffing required this time is four people. ” Mixed: “It becomes a mixture of the two contracts. Is required to have a shop of 200 m2, of which half consist of a warehouse for sale as telephone companies.


The first mention of the scale refers to the sixth millennium bc. Suggest that the scales in the form of an equal balance beam with a suspended cups first appeared in ancient Babylon and Egypt. in the form of an equal balance beam with a hanging cups first appeared in ancient Babylon and Egypt. Image of an equal balance a sophisticated, according to experts, designs can be seen on the pyramid at Giza. Much later constructed neravnoplechie scale with movable weights. Research in Weighing The famous scholars of antiquity – Euclid, Archimedes. Everyone knows the legend that Archimedes leapt out of the bath shouting ''.

It was at this moment, if you follow a legend, he figured out how to determine from what made the crown the king of Syracuse. At one yoke weights Archimedes dealt division and reinforced the weights, which could be moved. Putting on the cup weights of the crown, he compensates for it with gold. Then both cups plunged into the water. Archimedes came from the fact that different metals with equal their weight should take differing amounts and buoyant force equal to the weight of water displaced fluid. Therefore, a balance must be broken if the bowls are different metals of equal weight. To restore it had to move weights on the beam.

Archimedes made the grading of shoulder yoke for all then known metals and alloys. He found that in the corona more silver than gold. Aristotle in the iv century bc formulated a rule of moments of forces, which first recognized the theory of weights.