Cosmoenergy this method, based on space-energy fields which have medicinal properties. What is Cosmoenergy? It is believed that the treatment is not used the energy of the healer, and powerful cosmic flows. These flows have certain properties that allows their use for treating diseases and many problems. The man is a very complex bio-energy structure, which like everything in the universe obeys the same laws. Therefore, in the course of treatment is a complex effect on all body systems and thin body.

Cosmoenergy belongs to an entirely new type of knowledge, unifying many areas. This knowledge antiquity, which have reached us in the form of shamanism and the teachings of the Toltecs, and it is Kabbalah and Taoism, and Orthodoxy, and Islam, Buddhism and yoga, and much more. Cosmoenergy affects many mystical, secret hand exercises. This is what Toltecs call Nagual, Chinese – Tao, Kabbalists – Ayn Sof. The unity of all knowledge and at the same time, unlike those systems – this is the key to unite the different direction, a path that can go through the harmonious development of each school, during which merges with other schools. Yes, but the space flows act on all of us. Take the sun's rays, without which no life is possible … Exactly.

But there are still energy-channels that carry special energy of the information field of the universe. It is this information used kosmoenergety – the specialists involved kosmoenergeticheskim healing. What is Firast? Recent developments prove to us that the state of the physical body is completely dependent on the state of bio-energy fields, a man who, in turn, derived from the spiritual level, mental and emotional state. The lack of spiritual level, negative thoughts and emotions are laid on him the subtle bodies, pulling out of space like energy. There is a destruction of the energy structure (auras, chakras, nadis – the energy channels). As bio-energy structures are the transformers of life energy in their destruction begins A similar process of destruction on a physical level (organs and systems). Experts applying the method Firast believe that the use of energy-channels, can affect all energy information constituting a person. Energy space affect the human complex was purified from the accumulated negative energy of aggression, fear, resentment, give impetus to a new worldview and spiritual growth, helping people to rethink their place in life, to the world and other people, give strength to deal with the destructive part of the personality. A transformation of the negative radiation of tissues and cells in a positive rejuvenation the whole organism. This process can be monitored by means of gas discharge visualization objects (GDV), K. Korotkov, device 2000 (which is already widely used not only in the West and in Russia), medical data surveys before and after treatment. "