Referred to as neo-realist cinema to that movement which appeared after the second world war with a purpose beyond the recreational. These avant-gardes of the film sought to transform, rather than how to make cinema, the way to see it. In times of Italian fascism, were only permitted productions illustrating a perfect Italy, that wanted to create in the minds of the masses: i.e. an Italy without poor, smoothly, without corruption, while the reality that is lived was very different. These almost exclusive productions of campaign gave a twist, during the post-war period, a more poetic cinema which was focused, not narrative, but the emotion of the story, in a: be more emotional, than be epic. These cinemas began showing the reality of people’s lives after the devastation of the war period: poverty, death, social division and the destruction of the nation.

Even so, the followers of this school (as you call it some) respected certain patterns that were intended, as she has already been said, breaking with the previous model. Authors like Soldati, Lizzani and Alessandrini believed in the need to bring that voice to the people that she would listened, making film of an aesthetic sequence to an energetic speech that sought, above all, a reaction in its audience. For that reason, the Hollywood production model leaves behind and becomes a very wide in the speech focus; This generates a little philosophy of the almost blatant sacrifice of neatness and technique, to achieve a greater emphasis on the effectiveness of the transmitted message; because the neorealist film can only be understood under these effects of the direct-viewer relationship. Looking for these intentions, the neorealist film changes many traditional moulds for the creation of cinema: first, he sought to give greater weight to the speech of the actor and that this represented, so the character went from being an isolated element that drives, to be part of your environment and one with its history.

Russian Pavlov

However, in the psychological science there is no sufficient facts to establish a unique and robust system. (Psychologies of the twentieth century, p. 17). In this way, the positivist scientific psychology, which is instituted in terms of true knowledge as has been raised in the debate, has rejected any concept which does not come from experience, being the fact the only scientific reality. Through observation and experimentation, it attempts to explain reality by formulating laws, establishing connections that are generalizable between variables, using the hypothetical-deductive method. One of the features, in my opinion very open to criticism of the positivist scientific psychology, is the fact of denying the investigated objects of social content, following the guide of scientific rationality, for which there is no particularity and concrete, on a search for general explanations. Not you deal with emotions, motivations, or consciousness, with an eminently subjective weight and not observable, being eliminated as an object of study.

All these deletions can be interpreted as a means to establish a method more scientific as possible, or as close to what is called as a scientist in their fight by erecting as experimental science. As an example of the positivist scientific psychology, mentioned a objective psychology of the Russian Pavlov and Bekhterev, Throndike reflexology with the law of effect and his theory of stimulus-response to Behaviorism. A behaviorist dira: something of what you can’t give account on empirically observable terms (scientifically) no way part of my inquiry as a scientist. By way of example, Watson asserted the need to rid completely of concepts such as consciousness and mind for lack of sense in terms of the requirements of scientific method and replace them with others that Yes met them as it is of the conduct; He said: If you want to become science psychology should follow the example of the physical sciences, that is, become materialistic, mechanistic, deterministic and objective.


There has never been a single representative for all humanity. However, the closest to it is the U.S. President. Despite the fact that there is found only 5% of the world’s population, this is the only mega power. Assumes that the U.S. has the most democratic of all system because in the inmates of their two parties voted 60 million people. This, although it has had nominees Presidents despite having lost in the polls and they, in turn, must govern without contradicting a very rich minority.

In this game of minorities has entered to carve another kind of minority. If Obama wins it will be because he will have won widely to African-Americans and Hispanics, while the Anglo-Saxon majority could give you a better percentage to McCain. The made that there is a global power with a black ruler for the first (and, in turn, elected thanks to the latino vote) is going to give great weight to both minorities, encouraging that they ask for more power in North America and Europe. In some ways Africa and Latin America want, through their descendants in the North, go pressuring the first world in his favor. However, Obama is not a militant ethnic and, rather, used his power to press the marginalized ethnic groups that better fit the establishment.

Make Feel Well Before Bedtime

Food and beverage beneficial to combat the most insomnia knows that it must avoid the caffeine before bedtime, has other tips that are unknown and help to fall asleep, learn that products should be avoided in your diet, and what are the most beneficial to prevent this disorder, its performance during the day will determine if lack of sleep became a problem. If you when she wakes up note decay, irritability fatigue, it is clear that failed the required hours of sleep so that your body is restored. No matter how many hours slept how important is knowing how he woke up the next day, there are people who sleep four hours but the next day they feel good, do not suffer from insomnia. Insomnia is not a disease is an indication that something does not work well, in half of the cases we can say that the causes are psychological, depression, job stress, couple problems, positively or negatively affects power. Foods that help a good sleep there some foods such as bread, potatoes, rice, pasta that are rich in carbohydrates and will help prepare the body for sleep. Banana, yogurt, tuna, tryptophan, amino acid that helps to fall asleep they provide, these foods that you can include in the dinner, as lean meat and milk provide vitamin b 6, low consumption of this vitamin is associated with insomnia, among others have mackerel to the natural, salmon, sardines and other oily fish, are good source of fatty acids omega 3 (easy to digest fats) read more original author and source of the article


Glutamine is the amino acid that most have, and we have it mainly in our muscular system. But when we are sick we tend to deplete. Being stressed by the pressures that daily suffer, glutamine is released from our reserves. If we have a large muscle mass will have one reserve more of it than if we are weak and muscles more deficient. Why exercise is recommended twice, since we increase muscle mass and also help us with stress to distract us from all these bad influences daily. When there are diseases that we prostrate in a bed reduces us mass and muscle tone, due to this downtime, the abundance of this amino acid is going to decline enlarging the pathology that we suffer.Then a supplement can be very beneficial. In our small intestine is where we get the largest amount of glutamate from glutamine transformation.

The intestinal mucosa is the main line of Defense for our immune system by extension that occupies, but it is well known that chemotherapy restricts the amount of these cells in the gastrointestinal tract, resulting in very little mucus, so in this way we see these classic symptoms of nausea, poor appetite and poor absorption of nutrients. A powerful antioxidant that we have in the body, glutathione, tends to diminish when we have least amount of glutamine in the body. Glutathione helps protect reactive cells from oxygen free radicals and peroxides * glutathione is a powerful antioxidant, but is very expensive and only it can absorb limited quantity, since our body produces it from glutamine, is more likely to get it from these supplements that us as suminitran. Original author and source of the article

Burns Wounds

Traditional doctors of ancient China considered her as one of the plants with greater therapeutic properties and called it “the harmonic remedy”. Among the most ancient codices contained the book of medicinal herbs, a genuine encyclopedia written in 10 volumes in which it is advisable to apply aloe as an effective remedy for Burns, sprains, sprains, wounds, bites and all kinds of external injuries. Ingestion is also recommended to treat disorders renal, liver, digestive and as a laxative, tonic and tonic general. In the 5th century a. c., the Greek Hippocrates (460-377 a. c.), father of modern medicine, refers on numerous occasions to the aloe in his Canon of medicine, a large medical encyclopedia that we retain some volumes.

Hippocrates revolutionized medicine thanks above all to the modernity of its ideology, thought there was a remedy for each disease in nature and that there was not an ailment so serious you would not have cures, because to large evils, great remedies. Hippocrates collects his writings using aloe to treat burns, insect bites, wounds a century later, no doubt inspired by the canon of Hippocrates, Theophrastus in his treatise on the causes of vegetation includes all these applications of aloe vera and adds some others. Some authors claim that it was Theophrastus (384-287 a. c.) who suggested to Aristotle the convenience of fueling with large amounts of this plant to treat the wounds suffered by the troops of Alexander the great during his innumerable conquests. According to legend, one of the reasons for his expedition to the India was precisely the conquest of the island of Socotra, in the East Coast African, to the South of Arabia. This island was the main center of production of aloe and the basis of all Phoenician trade with this plant. With the conquest of Socotra, Alexander ensured a permanent supply of aloe to heal the wounds of his soldiers.

The Aorta

The disease progresses slowly, since the nephrons are injured at a. When the number of non-functional nephrons ischemia is sufficiently high, the patient develops kidney failure chronic lentamenteprogresiva. If hypertension has produced significant ischemia of the nephron, it is said that the Kidney has suffered a benign hypertensive nefrosclerosis. It is a common and important cause of failure renalcronica in ages stockings and advanced. Aorta. Hypertension predisposes to the development of large abdominal aortic aneurysms and dissections of the media. Secondary hypertension represents less than 10% of cases in a minority of cases it is considered that there is any structural abnormality responsible for the development of systemic hypertension.

For example, the estenosisde renal artery (usually, at its root) by atherosclerosis can result in hypertension, with possible surgical treatment. Hypertension is associated with an elevation of levels of Renin and Angiotensin II in the movement, coming from the ischaemic kidney, and curable in early stages by laextirpacion of kidney affection. Hypertension is also a symptom of diffuse Glomerulonephritis and pyelonephritis Nephropathies. Hypertension is transient in the initial acute phase of glomerular diseases (p. ex., acute nephritic syndrome), but standing in diffuse chronic Nephropathies.Pheochromocytoma, a secreting tumor of adrenaline to noradrenaline which usually emerges in the adrenal Medulla, produces high blood pressure queinicialmente is paroxysmal.

The coarctation of the aorta is a congenital malformation which increases peripheral resistance due to a structural stenosis of aorta. In these cases hypertension is not really systemic, since it affects only the arterial system ahead of coarctation, usually to arms, head and neck. High blood pressure is a symptom of diseases of the adrenal cortex that are associated with excessive production of glucocorticoids and mineralocorticoids (syndrome of Cushing and Conn sindromede). It is also a symptom of preeclampsia, and you can associate with endocrinopathies such as hyperthyroidism, acromegaly and, on occasions, hypothyroidism, or neurogenic as intracranial hypertension due to one cause.