Mora Vanegas

Carlos Mora Vanegas self-fulfilment is innate and evolves to become a distinctive kind of consciousness, which has been described in various ways by different people. The mythical, for example talk this consciousness as a perception of divinity and perfection in the world. Richad Bucke called her cosmic consciousness; Buber described her referring to the relationship I – your; Maslow designated it of being cognition, and us using the term of Ouspenky. Call it perception of the miraculous which leads to investigate the true wonder of the world is at our fingertips everywhere; the tiniest fragments of our body, in the vast exemptions of the cosmos and the intimate interconnectedness of all things. Stara Washburn not must allow ourselves to imprison by custom, the routine, cloistered us in old paradigms, in which we assimilate, alienated, by contrast, must give us the task of investigating, scrutinizing, investigate answers to our concerns, questions of who we are, why we are where we are going, what is our mission, which in our authentic role, among others. It is necessary by events that daily newspaper they arise and you have probably already experienced, which is already time to modify the way perceive the environment, to understand the mystery of his existence, resorting to the projection and as someone commented loading on the backs of the other I his wish unconscious of change, increase their vision and cognition of this universe that has touched us travel more widelyliberated from dogmas, fear of criticism or uses of these, you will tell, by dare say what considers perceives in this universe and its components, of his life, what it is manifested. Is time that stops to reflect what this free of dependence, censorship; abandon the desire for prominence and the thirst for personal power, the material ego, desire, passions and artificial vices, of the illusory, by contrast, give time to investigate why its reason for being in this dimension of those who are really those who have accompanied him from his childhood to the present, how much it has conditioned, dependent, possessive, authentic fact says that every human being, from the moment in which a plot of this universe, deals in lessee regime collapses moral obligation to restore to this, the amount of rent and that payment should be to contribute their small part of light, or of understanding, in order to dispel the shadows that threatens to destroy it.


Since January 20, both will be the two top Western leaders. One is the first black and the other has been the first trade unionist in having come to power in the greater Republic of its respective continent. The two will lead a non-frontal struggle as Bush had with the only President of the region that preceded it and that will happen in time: that of Venezuela. In this confrontation Chavez won, consolidated is and advanced internationally, while U.S. lost strength in his backyard achieving to arrive to power new rulers that question and that Cuba would be breaking its encirclement. As result of this shock Lula achieved gigantic to become the bridge between the new leftist Governments and America’s former allies and to transform Brazil into the shaft of the new South American Union and the bloc of Latin America and the Caribbean. Obama wants to regain influence lost in the South to promote a policy of less antagonism. Neither he nor Chavez a front standoff suits them. Obama will seek to avoid new polarisations in the Americas. So seek dulled chavism and counterbalance to Lula doing that many Latin and Caribbean countries want to return closer to Washington and do not follow the path promoted from the Mercosur regional pro-autonomia.

Tennis Tennis

The secret area one of the most powerful terms used in world sport for decades is the mental state known as ‘the zone’. This is the mental state that produces super-human performance, and winning streaks. Any tennis player who is in this state of mind is virtually invincible in their respective level of competence. A player who is in the area experienced an unusual feeling of power without effort, thus allowing them to feel as if your racket and his body are driven by an engine with turbocharger, and found his body gliding through the Court and hitting with impressive power and minimum effort. How strange this is this powerful performance feel as if it is being controlled by the player of truth! In fact, often say you they feel as if they were not responsible for some of the incredible in all scenes as if your body is being guided and directed by a force more powerful (and this is exactly what is happening).

Almost all players at some point in his career have experienced this feeling, to some extent, and then wondering how did that? Even at the initial stage in which players seek to learn tennis and they are still taking classes in tennis, with a teacher or a school of tennis, you can see shots or streaks that appear to exceed the ability of these beginners. This is the mystery that surrounds the area why it seems so fleetingly, and then disappear as quickly as it arrived? And above all why not we can access it all the time? What is that force that guides our body when he hit an incredible shot? The answer is that the sleeping giant that resides within all humans the mind and the subconscious, the source of all body movement that also saves all the memories of the past and tennis experience. When a player entering this state of the zone, your conscious mind becomes silent and this allows that his subconscious reach a system to run its automatically, similar to a computer. Thus bumps, movements and reactions that could never be achieved way can be aware. So, how enter the zone? Each must find the method that best suits your needs, but there are simple techniques that may cause a concentration and a State that takes you to enters the area automatically. The area is actually a tricky concept but is of utmost importance to learn how to get into it, because this guaranteed that we will have our best game if we are in this area. To clarify a little more let me give you an example. Have you ever noticed when someone makes an extremely fast serve and his opponent simply reacts automatically and makes a phenomenal return? And on the other hand you see the same situation, but this time the throw-off is slow. Here the opponent has more time, what causes that he has the opportunity of thinking and doubting and eventually increases the possibility of making a bad selection of shots. There are many techniques to enter the zone and maximize your concentration. We’ll talk more about this and give you more details in upcoming articles to articles and additional news on the tennis tour: thank you original author and source of the article.

Lost Your Wife A “Tips For Creating Irresistible Attraction That

Any relationship that has stood the test of time, has a room for error. Each part of the relationship has to understand that sometimes you have to make sacrifices. But trying to save a relationship that has been completed can be a real challenge. In this article I will share with you some tips on how to retrieve your wife. The first thing that you have to approach it is finished, the root of the problem. If you can rectify this, you're on the right track.

The best way to understand a separation is if you consider that there are only two reasons why a couple ends. You need to be honest with yourself and realize maybe you did something to scare your ex girlfriend. The two reasons are: either you did or did too little. Both poles are dangerous. If you did very little, it means you fell into the trap of being too happy with your relationship. In other words you entered a state of comfort that kept you from doing new things to keep the relationship fresh.

If you did too, maybe your ex-girlfriend was feeling very depressed. Perhaps you've been asking too much to your wife and you gave no freedom he deserved. You'll have to do a self-analysis and make a list of things you think you could have done that the relationship ended. If you find some things in that list that you can change, that's the perfect time to do so. Once you do this, retrieve your wife is just a matter of showing your new way of being. On the next page to learn some tricks. You can apply these psychological techniques to make your ex want to be with you again. If you want to learn how to win back your ex quickly, Miguel Carvallo has published articles that have helped people to win back your ex. For more information visit.

Food Choices

All families have been carefully selected and some problems, this fixes or changes necessary. To stay with a local family you will have your own key so that thus you enter and you leave when you want, the only thing you remember is that you respect your hosts warning if you’re going to skip any food. Staying with a family should be seen as the optimal way of expanding the use of English, after classes, practicing what you’ve learned that day, improving much more and making friendships that can last a lifetime. CompartidoAlojarse apartment in a shared apartment (sometimes under the name of House of students) is an ideal choice for young people and students who wish to have a little more than independence. You will have your single room, while the dining room/living room, kitchen and bathroom is shared. Normally no meals are offered and each student is responsible for cleaning and making the meal; Even so the communal areas are cleaned once a week. This type of accommodation will allow you to get to know many students and people from different countries and cultures. The idea is based on having students of different nationalities living together, and as a common language English, but this is not always the case and there may be students of the same nationality; Although on the other hand, it means that there will be other students ask those who can help with your homework if you want! Students staying in the shared flats are usually from the same school of English than you.

Holidays, of course, we have heard name! If you are someone who prefers more quiet, homestay option would be the most appropriate. Being this option without meals, gives you the freedom to cook what you want when do well, which can be an advantage for depending on the type of diet you have. When it comes to cooking, the students usually make shift, cooking something in your country, this being another good chance to practice English and make friends. Residencias EstudiantilesLas student residences vary according to the place that you go. In some cases schools have an exclusive building for its students and call it home. In other cases, the residences belonging to local universities that offer accommodation to foreign students, only in either summer or year-round.There is a big difference between a residence and a shared apartment. They are usually larger and have one larger number of rooms, so there are many more students staying in their facilities. You have your individual room (unless you need one shared) and share the rest of the facilities with other students.Some residences offer meals while others have a common kitchen.

There are usually common areas with TV and others also have patios, terraces or balconies. A wide variety of students choose to stay in a residence for which you get to share with students of all ages and nationalities. To the being so different, contact us for more information on this type of accommodation once choose the place where you will study.

The Feeling

10.Hay who eat only two dishes at each meal: meat and companion and a bit of cheese or fruit. 11.Divida lunch and the food into two parts. First eat strong food (meat, vegetables or rice and pasta) and the salad. Two hours later, cheese or fruit, or both. 12.Disfrute of every bite as if it were the most exquisite caviar.

Eat small amounts and slowly savor. Another resource: imagine that they rationing food and that every bite is the last. 13.Con little amount of food can satisfy the appetite. Try with a hard-boiled egg, a piece of cheese and a good salad. Some morsels of bread also serve to calm the hunger. 14.Despues of each meal should sit at least a quarter of an hour until the feeling of having satiated appetite. A swallowed food in a hurry, does not satisfy.

15.Se must eat at hours when more calories are burned. Chronobiology teaches that assimilation and desasimilacion of the body varies with the hours of the day. It is best to lighten the meal more than breakfast, why if you eat before entering activity, spend calories. This does not happen if you eat before you go to sleep. 16. Even after a day in which has eaten much. The next day can compensate with a broth-based semi-dieta of vegetables with little salt, aromatic waters or tea light and low-fat dairy products. The next day you can return to the usual power. 17.Cuando is eating, it is advisable to let it rest covered every three bites you eat. It breaks the rhythm by feeding and forced to eat less. Resources to fool the appetite 1. before each meal drink a glass of water. This will give you the feeling of fullness. 2. It is better take half a glass of orange juice with mineral water. Thus it provides a better sense of society and contains fewer calories.


Eating protein sufficient to more of their meals also helps your body at the level of sugar in the blood of the control and insulin levels to help loosen the breakdown of ingested carbohydrates. 3 Though I don’t agree completely with very low-carb diets, I think that the main reasons that so many individuals struggle to lose weight for the largest part of their lives is due to eating excessive as refined grain-based starches and sugars daily refined processed carbohydrates. The natural sugars in fruits and whole berries are OK because the fiber in fruit helps loosen the response of sugar in the blood in your body. Be sure to only prevent fruit juices, which are mostly sugar and have removed fiber in processing the juice. In my experience as a nutrition specialist, when cuando personas people begin to minimize their consumption of grain (cereals, are breads, breads, pastas, etc), they begin to lose fat easier. What I usually recommend is for people to minimize grains that eats and focuses its outlet of carbohydrate in fruits and vegetables only. This simple step only generally helps people begin to manage your weight more easily. Try to apply these 3 Tips for eating a diet more list and more healthy and I’m willing to bet you will begin to see a more inclined body and more energy in a two by three. If you want some ideas for reduced-sugar desserts that are healthy but also delicious, lower calorie these desserts. If you find that harshly make healthier choices of food in the grocery store, here is a good article to choose healthy foods. I hope that you will enjoy this article and help you to start eating healthier and enjoying better health!