The Body

The vicious, until it is not released from their addictions to drugs, cigar, alcohol, etc., is not you anything other than be a poor slave at the mercy of their self-destruction. We need to account that badly directed thinking leads not only to suffering, but the energy that animates it contaminates the psyche, causing depression and finally attacks the body with disease. Our attachments make us slaves, then despeguemosnos, quickly, to be free to do so, unfortunately the prevailing ignorance enslaves man and causes suffering to his neighbor. The energy of the human being, when he asks God for the sake of humanity, still thinking, therefore East, a small creator of love that dara is becoming life to ways of thinking of light powerful more than iluminaran the world. The human being, when he understands that el is responsible for your happiness, then know off of his illusions, knock down the pride and manage their energies to build a better future. Loneliness is the result of thinking selfishly directed by who of anyway, can’t use their time in constructive manner. Who believes that it is a utopia to do great works for the sake of humanity and the altruistic doubt, is a mediocre quer It reflects his ignorance on others.

Who does not believe in the inner man’s evolution is an ignoramus who has failed to even notice the examples of the great evolved past. The thoughts of the great beings appear before the mediocre as utopia. Fear is a negative way of thinking which returns with the same speed towards whom martyr of its creation produces it like a boomerang, which becomes, because of this. All religions lead to the same source, while fans in their ignorance react with violence and stupidity to divide and sow terror. There are no borders, we are all brothers, but fans don’t want to understand, so fall under the edge of her same axe becoming victims of his damn work. In whatever your do for the good of the community, there will always be a mediocre do not buy in your good faith and treat discourage you by jealousy or ignorance, but tu knowing that you are on the right track, do not be distracted by anyone, continues unperturbed and leads to finish your work. Let us remember that each problem is born of our mind badly directed by ourselves, therefore, we learn to direct it with intelligence and optimism, and discover a new world, without the hell that each of us is almost always created. If we pollute our mother earth, we also poison ourselves and our future. Who does not respect nature is a being not evolved and separated from the love for himself and humanity.

Transport Insurance

At the time of travel, either for pleasure or business, we always forget to plan how we will carry us and at the end we end up grabbing taxis from the airport or in the worst cases, renting expensive cars. The best airline in Mexico knows that to travel always walk in a hurry and forget to think about this, why, it offers a new service for these cases. Airport taxis are very expensive, they always take advantage that we really need a transport and they charge very expensive, for this has created a service of inland transport of the airline. Remember that one of the best services of this airline is that you can buy your tickets online, so don’t forget transportation, on the same page of the internet have made ground transportation service. At the moment in which you buy your plane ticket you can pay the land transport service to take your concerns. It is a very safe and economic transportation, arriving at the airport you will know that you are waiting for. On the other hand, if you usually rent trucks also can do with them and save money! The airline offers the rent of cars but they have a special promotion for users of the airline, so you save when you buy your plane ticket and also save to rent the car.