The Writing

still by means of the cycling can be developing the communicative side of the pupils, therefore during the two processes previously cited it says, it and the speech is primordial, being this a question in which the professor must give much importance. After terms clarified theoretically as the cycling could be worked in the school, think that it is necessary in them to involve more with the metodolgica question, that is, concrete methodologies to teach the cycling in the school. Methodologies that can be used to work the cycling in the school, beyond the innumerable possibilities of practical lessons: Pedagogical games of table and: – Game of the memory with images on cycling, can also be made with images and the corresponding words, or still with determined subject for each game of the memory, for example, a game only with equipment and names of the equipment, another game only with images and characteristic of one determined test. – Break-head, using images that the professor judges to be important for the teaching of the cycling, can be used images that later will be able to serve for good quarrels. Sites that contains games online of some modalities of the cycling: – – -? Works in group: – The professor can consider that the pupils in groups, after to be made a research on what is the cycling and its modalities, make the writing and the production of a video, in which the pupils present in the proper video the modality of the cycling, being able to be making interviews with other professors of physical education, or even though – the group is divided in groups, thus the groups could be confectioning mockups illustrating the space of the track modality, road and mountain. thus they could be explaining the modalities assist with it of the mockup.

Practical activities: – To promote strolls ciclsticos, can be making in set with others disciplines, or even though in set with the community, thus making a ciclstico stroll for the outskirts of school, being able to be developing together with this stroll some campaign, as for example, the awareness of the importance of the bicycle for the global heating. – It is possible to be promoting an exit of field, to a velodrome or track of one another modality of cycling, so that the pupils live deeply as he is to walk of bicycle in these spaces. – The professor can be mounting in the school some circuit that remembers definitive test of cycling. REFERENCE KUNZ, Elenor. Didactic-pedagogical transformation of the Sport. 7 ed. Iju: Uniju, 2006.