The Magali

In 1970, he gained a magazine proper and he started to be main personage. In infancy possua characteristic proper, as to be baixinha, buckteeth, gordinha, always used one vestidinho red and not possua fingers in the feet. Mnica faces the boys with a super force and has one coelhinho blue (called Sanso), which used to beat in the boys. Autodenominava ‘ ‘ the owner of rua’ ‘ was known for being a strong and determined girl? factor that printed a mark in the personage, therefore, at a time where the woman was bred to serve, the Mnica appeared to represent a type of woman (girl) more independent.

(HISTORY, 2009). When adolescent, although to continue meiga, glad and a little dentucinha, already possua the same characteristics and if did not show lean and consumista; its wardrobes moved very, although not to have changed its predilection for red clothes. Still it is leader of the street, not only for its expressive character, but for the cativante and true personality, revealing a safe and mature girl. Romantic incorrigible, still it has one ‘ ‘ quedinha’ ‘ for Onion. (HISTORY, 2009). The Magali also was a personage based on a son of the Maurcio de Sousa; it enchanted the public with its temperament tranquilo, with one jeitinho all meigo, but with a uncontrolled appetite? its favourite fruit was the watermelon. She was always an elegant, feminine girl and friend. It never fought with the Mnica. Characteristics that had prevailed in its adolescence. She continues gulosa, but now it takes care of itself, is worried about the feeding and practises sports.