Week Society

MODERNISMO In the first decades of century XX, Brazil was in the way of modernity, the country passed for serious transformations, So Paulo met in increasing industrial development, the foreign immigrants arrived at the great metropolis bringing man power qualified cockroach and, what it generated the acceleration in the urbanization and the modernization, exactly that in many precarious points, becoming it an icon of Brazilian progress. Deep modifications had happened in the society, the politics and the economy they had caused a great change in the arts and the culture of the young artists of the time. Of a side the oligarchy, the other the kept out of society layer and without being able, this inaquality made to appear strikes and revolutions. Ahead to these revolutions in the most distinct social spheres, Mrio de Andrade, the Pope of the Brazilian modernismo, appraises this movement in its speech that much revolutionized the effective society at the time, in the conference ' ' The Modernista&#039 Movement; ' , in 1942: ' ' Revealed especially for the art, but also spotting with violence the social customs and politicians, the modernista movement was prenunciador, the preparador and for many parts the creator of a state of national spirit. The transformation of the world with the gradual weakness of the great empires, with practical European of new ideals politicians, the rapidity of the transports and a thousand one other international causes, the internal progressos of the technique and the education, imposed the creation of a irreverncia spirit and remodelling of national intelligence. This was the modernista movement, of that the Week of Modern Art was being brave collective principal' '. (Mrio de Andrade, 1942) All this context of acceleration of modernity, with ideas come from the Europe and the United States, the proliferation of the thoughts of the surrealismo, dadasmo and the cubismo, had as art in form of manifesto, young artists in contact with the changes in the foreign arts coadunam all with the feeling of rupture with the past one of the arts in Brazil, appears thus the Brazilian Modernismo, that has its estopim the Week of Modern Art of 1922 in So Paulo, where congregated the artists and some activities proposals for they, as poem reading, exposition of arts plastic and dances. .


Still fodder that would have won. Nothing was essentially different. Me it felt strong, it felt to me powerful, as always I have felt. From small, I have been conscious that it owned something that nobody had more. It is not pure narcissism. They are the numbers: student of secondary who but fast has run the 200 smooth meters in the history of athletics; a mark between the twenty first of the world with fifteen years; chosen as it reserves for Barcelona 92 with sixteen years there is no more. Clear that it owned something that nobody had more: it was born with a winning ticket in the genetic lottery. The others only God knows what weighs! Thus, returning to the case of Accountant, surely the clean Tour like a paten would win; but the case is that it has given positive.

Perhaps however, he is not most suitable to put as it absorbs of dominates the laboratories that carry out the analyses, since they come doing many of the average premises, but to begin to change the approach of the problem. Antidopaje Public prosecutor of Italy has considered this week the legalization of the doping. I am not the unique one says that it. Lately, all the cyclists who I have interrogated have said that everybody is drugged. While I am involved more in this, I am surprised more of the diffusion of the doping, said striking the chest. And he is that a luck of code of samurais exists in the elite sport that it silences to the sportsmen on the basis of an almost military protectionism.

Something as well as the cutlets in the school: in the examination, the majority get ready to copy; but always that pact between small horsemen exists by means of who nobody will cover the shames with its hunting blaming the rest of the class that copies its examination with monk patience amanuensis. Protectionism that was also shown in the speed with the case of laboratories BALCO. Each one of the glances that the athletes crossed themselves in the preliminaries of the exit pistol shot locked up that dumb complicity that remembers that all go in the same boat. Kelly White said with time that all knew to what level was the diffusion of the doping during those glorious years. Perhaps it is certain what Accountant says to Alberto about the failures of the system. Logical. The same system confuses the reality with desire when raising like premise first that only one small part of the elite sportsmen encounters the doping. And from there, that begins the broadside. Nevertheless, the sportsmen will continue moving like awkward people under earth drawing up their own ways while the farmers of the HAMMOCK will lament themselves from the stop of the maizal when contemplating how the small mammals leave to the surface to take the fruits of the Gloria under earth. Perhaps the things would change less than what we thought simply on the sand of the Roman circus with programs of attended doping in which the fillets of pig or the water bottles of the public would not be arms of the crime, but what they are: obscene ardites with which to leave windy the laborious raised hunting by which, without office neither benefit, without habientes relatives nor, passes the scythe of hypocrisy in order to seed a forest in which no tree is the more high that another one. Meanwhile, the doping will continue being something natural, like black rays on the tiger.

Americas Way

Throughout these few years that testify its existence, the Party of the Republic already honored very in its denomination: it used the gratuitous electoral schedule to defame the Monarchy Brazilian and to attack the person of the governing greater that already lived in Americas (Dom Peter II), it served of party of rent for some personalities politics, as for the Garotinho clan here in Rio De Janeiro, Mr. Valdemar of the Coast Grandson (that &#039 made a withdrawal; ' estratgica' ' of the congress at the time of the Mensalo) and Mr. Blairo Maggi, in the Mato Grosso of the South. as to forget the joy broken it, Mr. Francisco Everardo Oliveira Hisses, the Great Tiririca clown! As it could not be different, this party entered into an alliance it the great exponent of the national politics, the imponent Party of the Workers, looks with it exclusive to collaborate ' ' without any interesse' ' in the campaign to place preparadssima Mrs.

Dilma Vana Roussef in the Palace of Plateaus. Campaign this, by the way, exclusively based in the predicates politicians of this experienced lady, who already was acclaimed as the successor of the government very before the remain of the cupola governmetalist ' ' tropear' ' in the mensales, without any type of support and participation of the humble one Mr. Lus Incio Da Silva, codnominado Squid. In exchange for this aid, the broken nobleman of the Republic received some gifts politics, amongst which the Ministry of the Transports. Interest to my expensive interlocutor that these letters reads that I would like to continue the sarcasm, but in this point my creativity finds limit. This party when taking account of the ministry of the transports caused the true shame (plus one) of the high cupola of this government, that until the moment collects fallen ministers. By the way, he does not demonstrate to possess much authority Mrs.