Athletic Body

The body is the addition of mechanical parts and has different types of body: athletical body, biological e, everything in the body can be changed. The way as the body is perceived, defined, felt if it modifies constantly through history, evidencing, in elapsing of the time, forms to think and to conceive characteristics of a moment, a culture, a society. The body by means of its gestures, its espontaneidade, its vitality; it discloses the way as a people if it holds, if it relates or if express. According to Gonalves (2001, P. 153) ‘ ‘ to free the spontaneous movement is to free ours authentic I, is to leave it to go to the meeting of the world, discovering its verdade’ ‘ , and with this, the corporal language precedes says to it, to leave, of the moment that we make a movement it is not happened again, each movement has its authenticity. CONCLUSION: Concluimos then, that the corporeidade is all action that an individual carries through, either it of reflexiva form or not.

To understand the corporeidade is, also, to distanciar itself of the natural-essencialista paradigm and to insert itself in the social-existencial paradigm. The construction of the corporeidade alone is possible for the corporal stimulation. As in the physical education, and it follows the line of the instrumental rationalism, working with the body and the mind, or better, broken up, what it disables the practical and theoretical perception and implications of the corporeidade. However, different forms of expression exist, therefore each individual acts and interacts singularly in agreement its social context. Therefore, it is excellent that the professor is conscientious of its responsibility as formador of active citizens in the society.