Psychological Pain and Causes

A lot we do not need these tests, because we are guided by what they tell us the heart and intuition. Personally, I am one who does not need to know how a device works as long as I switch it on and I benefit from their use. But for those of St. Thomas see and believe, for those who need to understand why pushing a button the green light comes on that tube right, because there are some titles that help you understand the process, or at least to demonstrate irrefutably that happens. Messages from Water, The Healing Power of Water Dr. Masaru Emoto. In my opinion, this is one of the best books on this subject, not only by the beauty of his photographs but for the simplicity of its approach.

Dr. Emoto makes photographs of drops of water before and after they were exposed to different vibrations in the form of feelings or sounds. In the previous photo shows the water is usually amorphous or irregular patterns, while later photos water forms beautiful crystals. Given that over 70% of our body (and the earth as well) is water, Dr. Emoto’s work is really relevant. The field experiment intended to Lynne Mc Taggart are books that relate to the emotions with their physical effects. Biology of the beliefs of Bruce Lipton. This cell biologist explains in clear language and acceisible, his work in biology at the cellular level work led him to see a clear interaction between mind and body.

Hands that heal and Let There Be Light by Barbara Brennan. Dr. Brennan describes their work or knowledge about the human energy field, its anatomy, its functions and its relevance in our lives and our health. And for all of us, who believe as you do not, there is an important reminder. Hugs are good. For that which gives and receives. They make us feel loved, cared for, unaccompanied. We relax, bring us peace, reconcile us with the world and our own demons. We lighten the load and we are many dark clouds dissipate. And also, are free. Embrace. Embrace much. With love. With respect. No agendas. Without conditions. With arms, and heart. Helena Aramendia. Unauthorized Reproduction in whole or part provided that mention of authorship or provenance of the text. Healing. Degree in science. Ordained Interfaith Minister. Writer. I am passionate about metaphysics, spirituality, and observe human evolution.