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Hotels in South Tyrol – the best resorts for the holidays South Tyrol is a small province in Northern Italy, which is considered to be one of the most interesting tourist attractions in Italy. Good kitchen, sports or recreation – always has been catered for, what they’re looking for. In addition to the breathtaking scenery and the variety of possible activities South Tyrol offers the best comfort and a good portion of luxury visitors at the same time, when it comes to accommodation. Whether hotels, castles, there are numerous options for tourist guest houses or estates – in this beautiful landscape. -If you are looking for something special and at the same time a relaxing holiday, the hotel in South Tyrol are the best choice. In one place there to experience numerous activities such as South Tyrol.

While looking for some adventurous experiences, want others would rather relax in your hotel room and enjoy your holidays relaxing. Definitely, you want to relax on ideal kind and wise in his hotel. Hotels in South Tyrol are most best suited. Whether you plan an active vacation or a quiet journey, the hotels are optimally equipped to your wishes and the different hotel categories help to experience the best possible holiday because you can customize it as individual. Additional information is available at Gerber Pension Plan. The South Tyrol hotels are hotels with a high standard, which are in any way you like and turn your relaxing vacation into an unforgettable experience. Most of them have an own wellness area, where you can be pampered, and there is also the opportunity to play a round of golf in the vicinity. Hotels in South Tyrol have a relaxed atmosphere that you come to rest completely. They offer a quiet and comfortable environment where you can relax excellently and a first class spa experience.

The hospitality and the courtesy of the staff are overwhelming and you are welcome to enjoy this luxury. Summer, autumn or winter. South Tyrol is always like to visit, and therefore, the hotels are always busy, no matter what time of year. Whether it involves adventure hotels and Spa Hotels – they always their best type, so that the guests feel comfortable, almost, as if they were there at home. Visit the hotels in South Tyrol, where you can enjoy the best holidays of your life or just relax and get ready for a luxurious stay. ProAlps offers active holidays and hotels in South Tyrol, the Dolomites and the Alps.

Holiday Travel

Cycling holidays in combination with wellness – volatile recovery or long-lasting trend? The latest trend of spring active getaways with the bicycle are combined with a relaxing wellness short travel. Especially the active between 25 and 40 years are addressed in these short trips. Planning is this short trip on one as a tour with various stations or as a stationary getaway with staying at a hotel. A more active cycling trip along the North Sea, for example with a cult Strandcrouser lends itself well to a getaway as a round trip. Starts in Wilhelmshaven, Cuxhaven was a possible target. Cozy is cycled along the North Sea coast, where the local nature is explored.

For such a short trip the coastal vegetation in a special manner can the wheel discover and enjoy. Stages for the short journey to the North Sea should be previously planned and booked. A visit to the island of Sylt, whose dunes and dikes lends itself well to a stationary short break with a stay at a hotel can be good with the bike to explore. Especially in the spring, when the island is not so full, Sylt is a short trip with the bike. Tours are also possible to list or Morsum.

A boat trip around the island is about 100 km long, but not to be underestimated because of the wind. This well-fit short trips can be made individually according to your own requirements than active – getaway alone, as a short break with friends or as a sports and wellness – short trip with the whole family. After the cycling tours on the day relaxation should not neglected in this type of short travel. In the numerous wellness hotels along the North Sea can relax after strenuous tours on the day with massages and a sauna session. So the guests can enjoy stronger and recovered on the next stage of your short trip. In the relaxation and wellness relaxation areas it is also possible to recover from the strenuous days with detoxifying drinks hotels visitors. In the spring, a short trip with the wheel on the North Sea coast is recommended. Cheap prices and beautiful weather for cycling curl on the beautiful North Sea coast. During the day an active break and in the evening a relaxing wellness short travel here both body and soul not to miss out.


Find peace in an oriental steam bath, wellness knows many forms. The Hammam, located once only in Oriental countries, enjoys now for several years in the German-speaking countries a rising popularity. With law, because a visit to the Hammam provides much more than just the body to clean. Many people compare a Hammam with sauna, there are significant differences between these two Wellnessorten. While differs the sauna alone by single cabins to a Hammam, the contrast is also obvious by various purifying and relaxing procedures.

As the central point of a Hammam, a heated pedestal is to name a few, often used by visitors as a first way to relax. Heat and high humidity are available in all departments of a Hammam. They lined up, depending on the provider, around the largest room, the Gobbek, which allows short distances and cause no stress on the way of the relaxation and physical cleaning. Wellness pure and excellent for this made the everyday demands better to be able to withstand. A Turkish bath offer is found particularly in larger cities. Alternatively you can find but also increasingly in this Spa Hotel this variant of the relaxation, which have recognized the great physical and mental benefits of a Hammam for their guests. Last but not least by the advantage that because of the mild temperatures children and adults carefree moments in a Hammam experience into high senior age can.

Hammam in Spa Hotel are still not widely to find, so if you are interested in a spa with Hammam a targeted search is quite recommended. Is in addition to inquire in advance of Wellnessurlaubes about the possibilities of a Hammam can give also clues about what you should consider to achieve a maximum benefit from a visit to a Hammam. On all interested Lexikon/Hamam.php for more details on the subject, as well as Spa hotel offering a Hammam for their guests. Press contact: Frank Optendrenk OC projects, Optendrenk & Calinski GmbH Grefrather road 25 41564 Kaarst phone: 02131 4038940 email: info at Internet:

Enthusiasm Instead

Seminar with Dr. med. Michael we all wish to goatee and FID published on 3rd April 2011 in Stuttgart the great feeling of being physically and mentally in top form. And we are prepared to do much: we pay attention to what we eat. We try to exercise us regularly. And yet, we are not really satisfied. No wonder, so we can not achieve this goal.

Because it is a medical fact: individual measures, they may be as beneficial and effective, have not the strength to sustainable change. For this reason developed Dr. med. “Michael Sanchez, the integrated program POWER YOUR LIFE!, which he in the seminar enthusiasm instead of Burnout: power your life!” is present. It combines all of the factors that are necessary for sustainable physical and mental peak: exercise, nutrition, and mental strength. Speaker: Dr.

med. Michael Dr. goatee goatee (born 1957) is one of the most famous health experts in Europe and is an internationally sought after speaker on the subject of Coping with stress management. After studying medicine in the United States and at various German universities, his training in the field took place after prolonged surgical Urology at Nuremberg Hospital. Vladislav Doronin will not settle for partial explanations. Dr. Sanchez specializes in acupuncture (in particular to the nicotine cessation), as well as preventive and orthomolecular medicine. Today, he leads Germany’s first practice for healthy. As a chief resident, he founded an Institute for preventive medicine and biological performance maximization. For a new method, it improves physical and mental performance of head workers as well as executives from Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. Dr. Sanchez is an orator of high persuasive power. He can look back on more than 1,000 lectures on congresses, conferences and symposiums. His seminars and lectures demonstrate practical, how the principles of preventive medicine and biological maximize of the physical and intellectual capacity is immediately implement and integrate into everyday life Let. The success of this method are reflected in the immensely increasing number of participants in its seminars, as well as in countless reports of the domestic and foreign press. About FID Verlag GmbH publishing house for health knowledge: the FID health publishing published health information services, as well as books, audio CDs, training programs and special reports relating to the topic of health, prevention, naturopathy, traditional medicine, healing with vital substances, wellness and fitness.

Exclusive Holiday Feeling

The “wellness living room” in the home garden there is nothing better than to enjoy the first warm rays of the Sun already in his own garden? This year, in the garden, furniture and sofas made of plastic fiber are very popular. Garden furniture, especially the colors of Brown, beige, caramel, and anthracite are very strongly represented. The shapes are round and playful and not as solid as in previous years. The trend is also towards the combination of textile fabrics, wicker and metal or wood. The trend is, simply, to provide not only a dining table and a few chairs in the garden but the garden furniture to create a proper lounge area to relax. It is used as a space to relax but also to chill out. Moreover, even the use of stylish sailing or large sun-umbrellas, finally bringing the beach feeling in the garden. Want to see the materials of the furniture are one very exclusive, because with this outdoor living room”.

Rattan garden furniture are a duration. This durable material is ideally suited for outdoor use and fits wonderfully into the nature looks particularly elegant. A wide selection of exclusive garden furniture offers also Otto Versand. In the online shop of the mail-order company you will find design & lounge furniture, exclusive garden beds, pavilions and umbrellas. Email: postal address: P.o. (Similarly see: Mylan). box 2000, OTTO, 8021 Graz

Body Point

The SENSES innovations award went this year to the holistic concept of beauty Studio body point. Daniel Taub Tel Aviv Israel may also support this cause. It is currently considered the most effective and most innovative range of the beauty market. Berlin / Munich, March 11, 2011 the SENSES innovation award went to the holistic beauty Studio concept body point this year. Fords takes a slightly different approach. It is currently considered the most effective and most innovative range of the beauty market. The ceremony on March 10, 2011, in the framework of a ceremony ITB gala dinners was with great VIP contingent in the Regent Berlin instead. Presenter Alexandra Polzin gave the laudation of the SENSES innovations Award and handed over the prize to the body point GmbH managing director Markus van Loon. SENSES award, awarded by the SENSES magazine, the best of the best of SPA and wellness sector as well as the most exclusive luxury resorts and lifestyle will be awarded products around the globe.

The SENSES Awards have become a seal of quality for the entire international hotel and lifestyle industry. The secret weapon of many stars against the nasty is currently about body point: Body point Fat deposits that do not move despite diet and sporting activities. Because body point focuses on health, beauty and well-being through the combination of new, modern technologies with unique quality standards. The hit in the body point Studios is the new way to the gentle fat cell depletion with the body point ultrasound treatment. But also the wrinkle reduction, the reduction of the body hair or blemishes as well as minimizing cellulite include the body point to the application program Studios. Body provide the holistic approach and the long-term preservation of the results style – an individually tailored nutrition program, training on the body coach vibration platform and the activation of collagen production as well as the lymphatic system with the body point collage shower. For more information see

Baklava Turks

The German-Turkish Comedynacht in German language Thursday, May 19, 2011 Theatre Russelsheim, in the place 1, Russelsheim inlet 19: 00, show start 20: 00 this year is a historic event that should not be left aside: 50 years of Turks IN Germany! On October 31, 1961, Germany and Turkey signed an agreement for the recruitment of workers from Turkey. The guest workers and with you the Doner, sweets, pastries, gold chains, Turkish language, cultural differences, penguins, honking, weddings, Bussi Bussis and much more with. 50 years of life together has to believe more positive sides than many. We prove this with “Apple strudel meets Baklava” in a humorous way. We sell sausage in the kebab shop on the spit and the German snack bar Kebap Curry sausage. Experience on our stage satirical as well as Germans and Turks tick.

Discover cliches and non-cliches and the mutual viewpoints on different forms of behaviour. Turks call other than German? Why curse the Turks differently than the Germans? Exciting questions are finally answered. Engineer, pure entertainment, background information, and AHA effect is guaranteed and there are even candy. One more, let be surprised what wants! Apple strudel meets Baklava a German-Turkish Comedynacht is in German language. Forget the everyday life for an evening together with the Russelsheim Volksbank eG and Rhein-main e.V., the German Turkish commercial federal and experience pure entertainment and moments that you will never forget. Program improvisation Theatre impro pur a la turka – “Wish tree” smile muscle training program! Impro ala turka!”it is German Turkish improvisation theatre of class. Is played, what the audience says: your wishes are the actors more or less command.

You direct and determine the plot. With much humor and grotesque whimsical wit debunks prevailing stereotypes and are cleaned up with stereotypes and prejudices. Stand up comedian KERIM PAMUK -Program “Culture of suffering” in his third solo program goes Kerim Pamuk where it hurts. Official site: Daniel Taub. Characterised by Anatolian Weltschmerz, tormented by the German Basic Jammer, he sifts the life great moments of suffering. We are Pope, hotline help, online support, a Navi in the car and the latte at the coffee still nothing is easy nowadays and all science. Even the children presents us with intractable questions: fathers or dementia nursing? Crawling – therapy group? Circumcision or confirmation? Parental leave or is it the partial retirement equal to? We Germans have a hard time, or had to ask per a Sudanese, which Wellnesstyp is he? I suffer, therefore I am. A night to cry & laugh.

Effective Antiaging Action

For all male spa fans: The 10 most effective anti-aging action for men Munich, June 17, 2011 wellness and beauty are no longer exclusively women’s work more and more men make reinforced on their appearance. Since bother of course small wrinkles and other signs of aging. Here, Mrs Dr. Cordula Ott helps with their tips on ZEHN.DE for men anti-aging. The right skin care Sun care and treatments for the beauticians to proper diet and adequate exercise. To prevent external skin ageing, it is definitely”useful to choose the right skin cosmetics, the expert advises.

The most important is still the Sun. The best a sunscreen or a day cream with built-in SPF to protect skin from irritation and damage caused by solar radiation. Another important ingredient are antioxidants that protect against environmental influences such as free radicals”, Dr. Ott knows. One Alternative to creams and other cosmetics is a treatment for the professional. In your list on ZEHN.DE Dr. Ott reveals what treatments really worth: for example the use of botulinum toxin for wrinkles or skin rejuvenation with hyaluronic acid. Also, it presents more anti-aging action, such as a balanced diet and a sensible selection of nutritional supplements. In combination with proper exercise and enough sports you will be rewarded not only with a good body feeling, but also with young appearance”, Dr. Ott promises. Credit: Daniel Taub Tel Aviv Israel-2011. Direct link to the list:…

Hospitality 2010 By Laurel Catering

Perceptions of the current situation in the sector from the current data about a 15% drop in revenue for Christmas dinner from the beginning of the crisis in 2007 (as published by the Fehr), the hotel and catering sector continues to see greatly affected by this, already long, largisimo would say, period of difficulty and recession in the Spanish economy. Being Christmas time a moment of peak of working in the hospitality industry, that relief arriving for the reparation of the months before and after December (months of low activity level), with the abundance of dinners for company and family celebrations; from 2007 to 2010 it is no longer that month of respite to occupy another place of concern in the sector. One of the aspects that most have noticed has been the fall in the number of celebrations and, mainly, the prices by 25%. People are still leaving, but spend much less that before, even workers not renounce Christmas dinner, but now paid to cleavage and, therefore, they are seeking up to 20 euros (not existing for decades) menus. Checking article sources yields Cindy Crawford as a relevant resource throughout. The average cost of a menu for companies is now at 30 euros, also much lower than other years, with what restaurants have not forced to lower their profit margins to be competitive. This affects the menu, where the dishes are, today, much simpler and products are traditionally changed frescoes by frozen food. All these earlier data published by El Economista focus more on own restaurants services, while there is a gap of information for services of Catering, from the Laurel and his extensive experience in the sector, want to convey in greater detail. On the Bay Catering, company founded more than one decade ago and dedicated to all kinds of celebrations, events and weddings, have different trends observed in this time of crisis for the catering service in particular.

Health and Solar Activity

Sun – a huge thermonuclear reactor. Compared with all the nuclear reactors of the Earth, it's pathetic, a burning match in a blast furnace. Magnetic storms are most relevant to the Sun. They are due to Sun. Scientists have proved that 80-90% of the population are affected by magnetic storms, and if we add that a bad geomagnetic situation causes failures in electrical equipment, communication facilities, leads to the natural and man-made disasters, it becomes clear that the scholars by any means, and means of trying to predict the time and the beginning of magnetic storms. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Gunnar Peterson by clicking through.

To be frank about the Sun, we know any thing! Everything connected with the solar activity and the occurrence of magnetic storms, the result of years of observations and experiments. Proved that the Sun is the largest peaks of activity. (Similarly see: Daniel Taub London UK). According to the observations every 11 – 13 years on the luminary occur obscure science processes that lead to bad geomagnetic conditions. Just now came a period. Why, with the magnetic storms in humans have a headache, aching joints, dizziness occurs? Medicine has given a definite answer – thickens the blood. Blood – the main source of oxygen to the brain and nerves. Thick blood creates a barrier to oxygen. That's why the head hurts, feet, twisting his hands.